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Communication during the multiplayer game on any platform is actually very important. One of the biggest features which Xbox One got onboard is Party Chat. However, games did support in-game chats, this was much better because not only it became available across all major platforms, the kind of control it got on board is fantastic. Personally, it is impossible to play a multiplayer game without a Party Chat. Let’s see how you can use Party Chat efficiently with its features on Xbox One, and Windows 10 PC, Android, iPhone, and iPad as well. In this article, we are going to talk about How to Use Xbox Party Chat on PC – Tutorial. Let’s Begin!

What is Xbox Party Chat

If you are talking to multiple people on the phone using the conference features. Party Chat is a feature of Xbox One that works with every game. So in case, your game does not have an in-game chat, then you can invite people using Gamertag, and also talk to them when you are gaming. It is also great for having a casual chat, get into each other parties and meet friends, and then just say hi!

Use Party Chat on Xbox One

  • Click the Xbox guide button, and then use the left bumper to navigate to the multiplayer section.
  • Choose Start a party.
  • This will create the party with you as the owner, and if your microphone is correctly configured, then you should see a headphone icon against your profile.
  • Now use the Invite More option in order to invite gamers from your friend list.
  • And you are all set.

Its that simple, but then comes the feature list that makes it useful for gaming. Let’s just talk about it one by one:

Invite Party to your Game:

This feature join lets you invite everyone to join your game. Invitations are sent to everyone. And if they click the Xbox guide button as soon as they receive it, it will launch the game, and then take them to the multiplayer lobby.

This party chat act as a platform for everyone to talk about strategies or vote for a common goal, and so on. You can also even invite fellow games to start broadcasting together on Mixer.

Party Overlay:

When in-game, it was actually impossible to figure out who is speaking. This was solved by Party Overlay. Whenever somebody used his or her mic, then the Gamertag with an audio sign would appear. It made sure everyone can notice that who is speaking. Under the party section, you can turn this on, and also define where the overlay should show. The default was actually set to the top left.

Invite More and Text Chat:

You can also keep inviting more people, and if your party is open to all friends, others can join in as well. In case if a person does not have a microphone, he can always use text chat. I agree that it’s annoying and irritating to type in because you cannot play simultaneously. However, sometimes I have accommodated good players. Their chat does show in the notifications and overlay, so it worked for small messages.

Xbox Party Chat Control:

Xbox does offer granular control for Party Chat in case if you want to have some privacy or having an echo issue from someone. Or if you are playing with a group of folks, and just want to mute some of them.

  • Make party invite-only.
  • Mute party.
  • Switch to Game chat. This is useful when you are having trouble with your party chat. You do not have to leave the party, and also still hear each other.
  • Mute yourself or mute others by tapping X on your controller.
  • The open profile of gamers who joined the party.
  • Erase from the party. (Only for folks who start the party)
  • Leave the party.

Ways to Start Party Chat:

Party chat is really integrated into Xbox One.

  • You can always start a party from a group conversation, and also invite everyone.
  • Create a Looking for Group Post after starting a party, and every time you approve somebody for the game, he or she then gets a party invitation
  • Invite individual profiles to parties.

Join a Party:

Under the multiplayer, there is actually an invitation section. This lists all game, and also party invites. In case you had missed, then you need first to look here. If it’s not there, then you will need to open an individual profile and tap on the Join > Join Party. If it’s disabled, then it means the person has its privacy policy set to limit it.

Use Party Chat on Windows 10

Party Chat on Windows 10 is a completely different beast, but it’s way to go if you play Xbox Play anywhere games or also any game which does not support Xbox Live. It works via the Xbox App.

Just before we start, here are some of the things you should know. The app offers the same features of Party Chat as on Xbox One. You can invite your friends, invite to the game, also join the party, and so on. It also offers text chat and party options as well.

Start a Party:

  • Make sure you have Xbox One App Installed on your Windows 10 PC.
  • Open it, and on the right section, then switch to the second option called Parties.
  • Then tap on Start Party.
  • You will see the exact interface as Xbox One. 

Party Chat Settings:

  • Control Volume: If use the slider, then you can lower or increase the volume of the party.
  • Change Audio Devices: This is an extra option that we have seen compared to Xbox One. You can change the audio device, i.e., speakers to headphones, just for the party.
  • Notifications:  Here you can also control to get notifications for Party Invites.

Do not have a Microphone for Xbox One? | Xbox party chat on pc

When you open the Xbox App on Windows 10 PC and then switch to Party Chate here. It will disconnect party chat on Xbox One but will maintain the same state, that is, you will be at a similar party if you were on Xbox One.

So if you do not have a headset for your Xbox One, then you can always use Windows 10 Laptop to stay at the party and use any microphone to chat.

Which Apps support Party Chat on Windows 10

It’s an obvious question, but here is the actual deal. It works for almost every game.  Any game on Windows 10 and Party Chat is totally different. You do not really get native integration just such as Xbox One, however, you still get to play any multiplayer game on Windows 10 and do a party chat. Whenever you need to change anything at the party; you will have to switch between the game and also the Xbox App.

Xbox App also has Store integrated that actually lets you find games for Windows 10, Xbox One, and also Xbox Game pass, all separately.

Use Xbox party chat on Android & iOS

Since its the same Xbox Application on both of the platforms, the steps are very common. The biggest benefit of using it on mobile is you do not have to worry about microphones or having an external speaker. You can use your plan earphone, and stay connected with your friends, at the party.

  • Install Android App from here or if you have an iPhone or iPad, download the iOS app from here.
  • Sign-in with the same Xbox account as on your Xbox One.
  • Press on the three people icon which is on the top bar.
  • Click on Start a party.
  • Press on the three people icon along the top bar > Start a party
  • Now the same steps follow as we said in the Xbox app for Windows 10.

When you send the invite, notifications to your friends are sent everywhere they are signed in to your Xbox App. You can also choose to listen to a speaker or use a microphone or just like how you take a call.


Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you guys like this Xbox party chat on pc article and find it helpful to you. Give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

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