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itsnate TikTok Joke – What was It and its Response


TikTok is a short video-sharing app that basically encourages people to live out their dreams of being whomever they want to be. But, some users take that to a new level. The internet provides people a sense of anonymity since they feel people can’t reach them physically. TikTok is abuzz along with the news of a joke made via user ‘itsnate’ that has ruffled really a lot of feathers. Let’s dive in to learn what this was all about actually. In this article, we are going to talk about itsnate TikTok Joke – What was It and its Response. Let’s begin!

Who is itsnate on TikTok?

itsnate is actually the username for a US Army Officer through the name of Nathan Freihofer. Nathan is actually a Second Lieutenant in the US Army, which makes him really low down in the chain since Second Lieutenants typically have less than two years on the force. itsnate had almost 3 million followers on his account as well. The young officer frequently appeared in his TikTok videos training in his fatigues actually.

What was the controversial TikTok about?

Nathan Freihofer basically created a video on TikTok where he made a joke referencing Jewish people and the holocaust. This may also be in line with the new wave of holocaust TikToks that have also been appearing on the app recently.

In the video, Nathan appears to be standing in front of his mirror in regular clothes and that makes a joke. In the joke, Nathan also says that a “Jewish person’s favorite Pokémon character is Ash”. This is in terrible taste to the fact that millions of Jewish folks were killed in concentration camps through a lot of methods of torture. Nathan ends the video via saying “If you get offended, then just get the f*ck out because it’s a joke”.

Can Army officers make TikToks?

Yes, they can. In fact, the army encourages its officers in order to make their presence felt on social media platforms in order to spread the word of their service. But, they are always advised to be really careful about what they post. Jokes like these are definitely not tolerated and head against everything that the military stands for.

What is the military’s response?

Different branches of the military are looking into the video that was posted via Nathan Freihofer on his TikTok account ‘itsnate’. Because of the incident, the entire account has been taken down. You guys can no longer search for the account on TikTok. But, there is no clarity as to whether TikTok did that or Nathan himself did it.

In a statement on Twitter, and the 3rd Infantry Division has stated that they are actually looking into the matter and right now Nathan has also been suspended by all leadership authorities immediately. Folks are naturally outraged whenever such videos make rounds on social media apps actually. The holocaust was probably the darkest time in human history and also millions of families still feel the loss from that period as well.


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