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How to Root T-Mobile LG V20

Despite the fact that LG permits bootloader unlocking on the LG V20, yet you can’t install TWRP recovery straightforwardly on the device as LG has set up a protected framework that doesn’t enable modifications to any parcels on the device. Using recowvery exploit you can install TWRP recovery and Root T-Mobile LG V20 and after that flash SuperSU zoom to cripple power encode and get root get to.

Yet, on account of engineer jcadduono over at xda who discharged a workaround to install TWRP recovery on LG V20 using the Dirty Cow root misuse in the piece. The engineer likes to call his workaround as recowvery.


Root T-Mobile LG V20

We should begin..

How to Install TWRP on LG V20 using recowvery

Setup ADB and Fastboot on your PC.

  1. Open bootloader on your LG V20.
  2. Download and spare the accompanying four recowvery files from the download links above to a different folder on your PC.
    • dirtycow
    • recowvery-applypatch
    • recowvery-app_process64
    • recowvery-run-as
  3. Download and transfer the LG V20 TWRP recovery .img file from the downloads area above to your phone’s base index (not inside any folder).
  4. Ensure USB troubleshooting is empowered on your V20.
  5. Connect your LG V20 to the PC.
  6. Now open an order window on your PC inside the folder where you spared recowvery files in Step 3 above. To do that, “Shift + Right snap” on any vacant blank area inside the folder and select Open direction window here from the setting menu.
  7. When order window is opened, issue the accompanying directions one-by-one to get a root shell on your device using the Dirty Cow abuse:
    • adb push dirtycow/information/nearby/tmp
    • adb push recowvery-applypatch/information/neighborhood/tmp
    • adb push recowvery-app_process64/information/neighborhood/tmp
    • adb push recowvery-run-as/information/neighborhood/tmp
  8. └ This will push the recowvery files to your device’s tmp folder.
    • adb shell
    • cd /data/local/tmp
    • chmod 0777 *
    • ./dirtycow/framework/container/applypatch recowvery-applypatch
  9. └ Wait for the content to wrap up.
    • ./dirtycow/framework/receptacle/app_process64 recowvery-app_process64
  10. └ Wait for finish, you phone may resemble it’s slamming.
    • exit
    • adb logcat – s recowvery
  11. └ Wait for the order to reveal to you it was fruitful. When done, press CTRL+C on your console.
    • adb shell reboot recovery
  12. └ Your phone will reboot and recovery will be reflashed to stock.
    • adb shell
    • getenforce
  13. └ It should state lenient.
    • cd /data/local/tmp
    • ./dirtycow/framework/receptacle/run-as recowvery-run-as
    • run-as executive ./recowvery-applypatch boot
  14. └ recowvery fixed boot picture will be flashed, hang tight for it to finish.
    • run-as su
  15. └ This will give you a shell with root get to.
    • dd if=/sdcard/twrp-3.0.2-0-beta4-h918.img of=/dev/square/bootdevice/by-name/recovery
  16. └ This will install/flash TWRP recovery to your LG V20.

TWRP recovery is now installed on your LG V20. Now adhere to the directions beneath to incapacitate Force encode and root LG V20 using SuperSU zip.

How to Disable Force Encrypt and Root T-Mobile LG V20

Download and transfer the SuperSU compress file from the download link above to your LG V20.


  1. Connect your phone to the PC and open an order window on PC.
  2. Issue the accompanying order on the PC to boot your LG V20 into TWRP recovery:
    • adb reboot recovery
  3. Once in TWRP recovery, tap on Install and select the SuperSU compress file that you transferred to your phone in Step 1 above.
  4. In the wake of choosing the .compress file, slide your finger on the Swipe to Confirm Flash button on the screen to start the flashing procedure.
  5. └ This will install SuperSU and fix boot picture to not power scramble your LG V20 on boot. Be that as it may since your device is as of now scrambled, you have to arrange Data once to decode it. If you would prefer not to unscramble, however, then skip Step sixth and seventh beneath.
  6. Once SuperSU is flashed, return to TWRP primary menu » select Wipe » Advanced Wipe » tap on Data and after that slide your finger on the Swipe to Wipe button.
    This will decode your LG V20 and DELETE all information on the device.
  7. Since we cleaned the device in the progression above to decode it, you have to flash the SuperSU zip by and by (pursue Step fourth and fifth once more).
  8. When done, go to TWRP main screen » select Reboot » select System.

That’s it in a nutshell. Your LG V20 is now rooted and decoded. To verify, download any root checker app from the Play store.

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