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MindTheGApps For Android 9.0 Pie & Android 8.1 Oreo

MindTheGApps Package for Android Pie and Android Oreo is now available to download. If you are looking for an option to OpenGApps Package, then you are in the right place!

Google announced Android 9.0 Pie a few months ago. As it is a well-known fact that developers take their own time to deliver the newest update to mobile devices. However, there are Android Pie custom ROMs that are available for several devices. Just like the earlier model of Android, we initiated viewing Android Pie Custom ROMs for several devices, just whenever the official model was launched.

All those who tried to install a custom ROM on their mobile device would know that the initial step that you must take after installing custom ROM on any mobile device is to install the required GApps Package for it. In this guide, you’ll learn the latest MindTheGApps Package for you to download.


What do you know about GApps Package?

GApps is nothing but lots of Google Apps and Services which will turn on Google services to work perfectly on your mobile device. However, almost all the custom ROMs are built on the basis of Pure AOSP (Android Open Source Project) ROM, which does not have any Services or Google Apps also it is fully open-source.

So, if you want to use apps such as Gmail, Google Play Store, Hangouts, etc, you must have Google Services turned on on your mobile device. Also, flashing the GApps Package using a custom recovery does exactly that. It just turns on Google Services and installs some essential Google Apps that are based on the package you select.

Difference between MindTheGApps and OpenGApps

If you are wondering for an answer that says which one is much better than the other one, then the answer is either. In comparison, there’s not really any “better” or “worse”. Both are intended for various purposes and they are quite good at it.

MindTheGApps is a bare-minimum GApps to make Google-related things work well on a custom ROM. It provides just that and nothing more. There is just one model of the GApps Package.

But on OpenGApps provides a fully customizable experience. However, users can customize and install which GApps package they like. It’s totally based on their requirements.

MindTheGApps v8.1.0 and v9.0

You can get the newest model of MindTheGApps Package by tapping below:


Instructions To Install MindTheGApps Zip Package

Step 1:

Initially, copy (CTRL+C) the MindTheGApps Zip file to your device.

Step 2:

Now boot your mobile device into TWRP Recovery.

Step 3:

Once you enter in TWRP Recovery, simply flash the MindTheGApps Zip on your mobile device. To do this:

  • Head over to TWRP main screen.
  • Click on ‘Install’.
  • Browse and choose the MindTheGApps Zip file and ‘Swipe to Confirm Flash’
Step 4:

When the installation is complete.

Step 5:

When all the above steps are complete, simply reboot your device.

Step 6:

All done.

That’s all, you have now successfully installed MindTheGApps on your mobile device!


So that’s all about “MindTheGApps For Android 9.0 Pie & Android 8.1 Oreo”. If you think that it is helpful then do let us know your suggestions in the comment section below. Have you found any other method that you think we can’t cover in this article? Comment us below!

Till then! Stay Safe ?

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