iPhone X Screen Replacement of Cracked Screen

iFixit has been offering OLED screens for those who would like to tackle repairs on their own. Those go for around $100 less than what Apple charges for an official screen replacement. But now, it’s starting to offering LCD replacement for iPhone X, XS, and also XS Max. It is an interesting downgrade from OLED but some on a budget with DIY interest might find that it is actually a great option. In this article, we are going to talk about the iPhone X Screen Replacement of Cracked Screen. Let’s begin!

Apple’s screen repair costs jumped considerably with the arrival of the iPhone X. At this point, it costs approximately between $279 and $329 to get an OLED on the X, XS, and 11 Pro also.

For those with an iPhone X, XS, or XS Max, there’s a new choice from iFixit, go for an LCD instead to save some money.

we are now offering an LCD screen option for the iPhone X, XS, and XS Max. These LCDs (and their Fix Kits) are less than half the price of the OLED models we sell. They are a little darker (about 50 nits worth). The resolution is a little lower. And the colors and contrast ratio won’t be quite the same.

iPhone x screen replacement

And here’s the company’s pitch on why you might want to make those trade-offs:

But you might remember that, until a couple of years ago, most phones had LCD displays. That including phones you probably loved. Apple notably stuck with LCD displays while Samsung was experimenting with early OLED. And Apple still uses LCDs in its iPhone 8 and also XR models for iPhone x screen replacement

Indeed, it is like turning your X or XS into an XR, display-wise anyway. iFixit’s new LCD options run $75 for the X, $85 for the XS, and then jump up to $165 for the XS Max.

iFixit highlights “these LCD replacements are hand-tested in the USA to our rigorous quality standards. And we back them up with a lifetime warranty.”


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