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Mute Mic With A Keyboard Shortcut On Windows 10 – HowTo

Mute Mic With A Keyboard Shortcut

Do you want to mute the mic with a keyboard shortcut on Windows 10? Keyboards contain a dedicated key to mute sound from speakers. Well, if they don’t come with special keys still have the function (fn) row of keys that double as controls for managing or organizing media. However, these keys can easily mute the speakers.

A similar key can’t exist for muting the microphone. This is due to the mic isn’t always on. It only enables when an application accesses it.

That’s the reason users can use the mute button within the app. That can work, but it’s not quick.

Mute Mic With A Keyboard Shortcut On Windows 10 – How-To

Tap the button with the mouse and that’s not as quick as a keyboard shortcut. So here’s how you can unmute or mute the mic with a keyboard shortcut on Windows 10.

Mute Mic

Mute Mic With Keyboard Shortcut

To mute or unmute the microphone with a keyboard shortcut, we’re going to use a free application known as MicMute. Simply install or download it.

The app executes in the system tray and it can then adds a mic icon to it. You can then access the app’s settings and keyboard shortcut configuration from this icon. Also, it’ll display to you the current state of the mic.

Black indication means the mic is turned Off, and red means it is On.

The app offers some essential features e.g., it can mute the microphone immediately when it starts. Also, it can show the detected audio input devices, and it has a ‘Push to talk’ mode where the microphone only works when a button is held down.

If you want to configure the shortcut to mute/unmute the mic. Simply right-tap the app’s icon in the system tray and then choose ‘Setup shortcut’.

Well, you’ll then view a small window. Tap inside it and click the key or keys you like to use to mute/unmute the mic. The application can detect ordinary keys on a keyboard. Also, it works with special keys on the keyboard.

Now I can bind the speaker to mute/unmute button on my keyboard to this application and when I click on it. It can now mute and unmutes the speakers and the microphone at the same time.

Whenever the mic is muted or unmuted, you get a desktop notification. If you don’t want to get the notifications, you can turn them off from the app’s settings.


Windows 10 has a mic icon in the system tray when an application is accessing the microphone and the icon become more functional. If you tap it, it can’t mute the mic.

I hope you can now understand how to mute or unmute a microphone on Windows 10. If you want to share anything regarding this guide then let us know below!

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