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Netflix Unblocked for School – How to Use Netflix at School

netflix unblocked for school

Netflix is also available almost everywhere, you guys can access their service in more than 190 countries worldwide. Unfortunately, a lot of workplaces, schools, universities, and colleges block Netflix on their WiFi networks. In fact, as Netflix is such a bandwidth hog, even public WiFi hotspots are beginning to restrict access to Netflix. If you guys are having trouble unblocking Netflix at school, work, or anywhere else keep reading to find out how you can access it. In this article, we are going to talk about Netflix Unblocked for School – How to Use Netflix at School. Let’s begin!

Netflix is one of the most influential services to stream content. Along with 167 million subscribers as of 2020, the service is use via almost 40% of internet users worldwide. Unfortunately, Netflix is mostly block on school premises. This is partly as academic institutions believe that the on-campus internet should restrict for educational purposes only. But, there are still ways to get Netflix unblocked at school – and today we’ll be discussing just that.

Best VPN o watch Netflix unblocked for school

Netflix is always on the lookout for IP addresses that are generated via VPN providers. This means that your average free subscription will be no good for the task as well. Below, we cover the best VPN services for overcoming school firewall blocks on Netflix whenever providing you along with a smooth, speedy streaming experience:


ExpressVPN basically delivers one of the fastest connections on the web.

If you are streaming from school or your home, then you will not experience delays or speed caps when connected. One of the main reasons for this is that ExpressVPN actually has an impressive server network of 3,000+ nodes in 94 countries. A huge  span that equips users along with tons of connection options. Plus, the provider offers unlimited bandwidth along with all subscriptions and places no speed caps.

express vpn

There are dedicated apps available for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, Chrome, Apple TV, and many more devices as well.

In addition to its speed, ExpressVPN is actually one of the most secure services available actually. Along with 256-bit AES encryption, it would take a supercomputer millions of years in order to crack. That makes it ideal for bypassing Netflix blockers. The no-logging policy makes sure that no logs on traffic, DNS requests, IP addresses, or browsing history, are saved. This will make you virtually untraceable online, if it’s from your ISP, school network, or the government. Plus security features include a DNS leak test and an automatic kill switch, both of which will make sure that your connection is never unencrypted and, in turn, unsafe as well.


NordVPN is our top choice for users who want to bypass Netflix restrictions. Along with a server network of up to 5,800 servers in 59 countries, you guys can easily get an IP address from any country. This will permit you to access Netflix (almost any catalog) even if your school’s firewall blocks access on campus.


NordVPN also has different specialty servers that aid in overcoming firewalls as well. These include obfuscated servers, that hide the fact that you are using a VPN, and double VPN. That adds an extra layer of encryption to your connection. Speed, bandwidth, and server switching are all unlimited, so you guys will never experience a slowdown or interruption while using Netflix.

NordVPN’s service also majorly focuses on security. The provider uses the industry’s gold standard 256-bit AES encryption, which is consider nearly unbreakable. Encryption protocols include OpenVPN’s UDP and TCP, as well as lightning-fast L2TP too. In addition, NordVPN’s zero-logging policy is one of the most complete in the industry – it saves no logs on anything from traffic to bandwidth and browsing history. These advanced security features actually make NordVPN one of the most reliable services for bypassing VPN blocks, even on university premises along with tough firewalls.


Surfshark’s only been around a couple of years now, however, they’ve raced to the fore as one of the best ways in order to access Netflix on any network. Your school’s Wi-Fi restrictions won’t know what you can do along with Surfshark’s obfuscated traffic. That basically comes standard on each and every one of their 800+ servers. What’s more, no more picking around for the right server and also settings to beat Netflix’s VPN ban; they all work as well.

In total, Surfshark can reliably unblock 14 international Netflix libraries as well. That number expecting to grow along with their server network, which furthers its reach constantly. We love how snappy and responsive they are, permitting for buffer-free streams also even on highly restrictive school networks.

And along with modern encryption and protocols (mostly OpenVPN or IKEv2/IPSec paired along with a 256-bit cipher). You get the best network penetration whenever remaining utterly anonymous.


CyberGhost is one of our top recommendations because of its combination of advanced features and ease of use. Unlike many other services, CyberGhost needs no complicated set up – upon launch, you can select from 6 pre-configured profiles relying on your needs. These include “surf anonymously” and “unblock streaming”. Both of which are good for bypassing firewall blocks and unblocking Netflix as well. Extra customization toggles also include “extra speed” and “block online tracking”. Securing your privacy and giving your connection a speed boost. CyberGhost permits you to establish 5 simultaneous connections, so you can stream Netflix content at school if you are browsing from your computer, mobile phone, or tablet as well.


In terms of security, CyberGhost basically offers some of the strongest features on the market. Along with a server network of 6,000+ servers in 87 countries, you can get any IP address you guys want. The military-grade 256-bit AES encryption keeps you protected online, and along with encryption protocols such as UDP and TCP, the speed will not be affected. Plus, the no-logging policy is one of the best we’ve seen, which covers almost everything, from IP addresses to timestamps. It doesn’t even save your e-mail address. At last, the automatic kill switch and in-built DNS leak protection make sure that your Netflix connection is shut off if the VPN connection drops. This protects your school from knowing that you are trying to access the streaming service at school as well.

Netflix Unblocked for School – How to Use Netflix at School

Unfortunately, a lot of academic institutions block access to entertainment websites such as Netflix. You may also find other famous websites blocked or restricted on campus, also including YouTube, Hulu, and even Facebook. This can be specifically frustrating whenever you are trying to reference media for a school project, access documentaries, or simply just take a break from studying as well.

Schools typically block access to websites via enforcing firewalls, which are incredibly effective at shutting off all access via normal means. If the campus-wide internet network is control locally, then mostly the culprit behind the firewall is the school itself. But, if the network is controlled via a third party, they may request to blacklist some IPs and websites off the bat. This is another reason why a lot of VPNs commonly won’t bother piercing through firewalls – IP addresses registered along with VPN services are often blacklisted.

Is it illegal to use a VPN for Netflix? | netflix unblocked for school

From piercing via firewalls to violating licensing agreements, you guys are probably wondering if using a VPN is legal. In spite of Netflix’s efforts to block IP addresses associated along with VPN services, via a VPN to bypass this block is not illegal. However, using a VPN to access Netflix is in violation of their service’s user agreement, and it is highly unlikely that your account would get suspended over this as well. In many cases, users get a “proxy error” message stating that they must reconnect before proceeding to the website. Along with one of our recommended providers, this is unlikely to happen, however, it is probably the worst consequence you stand to face a swell.

Whenever it comes to school premises, VPNs are not illegal, either. Many websites may block via a firewall because some schools want to restrict internet usage to educational content only. Relying on the school policy, using a VPN to bypass the firewall could get you into trouble along with your school. As with so many things, that may not be illegal in society at large may still be punishable via your school. So make sure you exercise due diligence in reading up on your institution’s rules and assessing the risks involved accordingly as well.

How VPNs unblock online networks, such as Netflix

A VPN will basically help you overcome your school’s firewall and grant you access to Netflix in many ways. Firstly, strong security features will permit you to bypass the firewall itself. Encryption protocols such as SSTP are fully equip to pierce via even the toughest firewalls, also including the Great Firewall of China. In other words, you will be able to access Netflix as though you guys were sitting in the comfort of your home. A VPN’s ability to bypass censorship blocks will give you access to any website restricted or blacklisted on campus as well.

In addition to overcoming website blocks, a VPN will give you relatively consistent access. In order to virtually any country’s Netflix catalog, no matter where you guys are physically located. Netflix’s licensing contracts along with content creators are with particular geographical locations in mind. Such as, if a broadcasting rights holder wishes to air the film or series in America only, Netflix is obligated in order to respect this agreement. With a quality VPN, but, you can mask your real IP address, connect to a foreign server of choice. And also access any country’s catalog as long as the VPN provider has servers in said location actually. This is a major add benefit of using a VPN in order to bypass a school firewall actually.


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