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How to Invite Someone to a Zoom Meeting – Tutorial

Zoom Meeting

Zoom permits users to start an ad-hoc meeting and it has the option in order to schedule a meeting day, weeks, and also even months in advance. For meetings that are recurring, and the meeting room that’s created is kept until the meeting no longer needs to be held as well. In this article, we are going to talk about How to Invite Someone to a Zoom Meeting – Tutorial. Let’s begin!

There are a lot of applications available that make your work easy thus zoom application is one of the best apps that can be used to make video calls, video conferencing calls, as well. There are a lot of features that make the zoom application very much better than the other applications as well.

The zoom application is also beneficial whenever used with family, friends as well in work meetings too. The clarity, sound quality, system-friendly that the zoom application gives is very much better than the many other applications. Whenever you are working from home and you have to conduct meetings alongwith your colleagues then this application is perfect.

How to Invite Someone to a Zoom Meeting – Tutorial

Well, Zoom is not like Microsoft Teams; it doesn’t restrict a user to a small subset of users who are part of the same organization as well. It permits users to openly invite anyone to a meeting as well.

Invite someone to a Zoom meeting – Meeting in progress

A user can also be invited to a meeting any time i.e. before a meeting starts or after it also has started. In order to invite a user to a meeting after it has started, just follow these steps.

On Windows 10, macOS, and the web UI;

  • Tap on the Participants button on the bottom bar.
  • In the panel that opens, just click the Invite button.
  • Copy the meeting information and then share it along with a user.

In order to invite a user to a meeting on iOS or Android, just follow these steps.

  • Tap on the Participants button at the bottom.
  • On the next screen, you have to click on the Invite button at the bottom left.
  • Choose a method to share the invitation or link to the meeting.

Invite someone – Scheduled meeting

You guys can also invite someone to a Zoom meeting that has been scheduled before the meeting starts. You can also invite users when the meeting has started via following the steps in the previous section.

In order to invite someone to a Zoom meeting that’s been scheduled. However, has not started yet from the web UI, just follow these steps.

  • You have to visit Zoom and choose Meetings in the column on the left.
  • Head to the Upcoming tab.
  • Press the meeting you guys want to send an invite for.
  • Tap on Copy Invitation.
  • Share it with users that you want to invite to a meeting.

To invite users to a scheduled Zoom meeting from iOS or Android, then you have to follow these steps.

  • First of all, just open the Zoom app. 
  • Head to the Meetings tab.
  • Choose a meeting.
  • Click on Add invitees.
  • Select a method in order to share the meeting invitation.

Advantages of the zoom meeting application

Zoom is basically a video conferencing app that will allow you and your colleagues. In order to set up the meetings and online events. The zoom meeting will permit you to create a meeting link via which your colleagues will join the video conferencing calls. That is a must to join the account, meetings, and also online classes as well the online meetings.

The host has also to create the meeting link. Zoom has useful features which is pretty much beneficial for the group meetings and online events:-


  • Screen sharing: – this feature is really useful when there are a lot of members hence you can share the screen for sharing the presentation of the meetings.
  • Recording: – sometimes many persons are not able to attend the meetings for whatsoever reason. However, as being the host we have to make them up to date thus the zoom application gives the function that you can record the entire meeting and share along with the absent colleague. Thus it is easily accessible to the folks who couldn’t attend it.
  • Host controls: – the host has a lot of features with which they can make the meeting uninterrupted such as the host can actually mute the participants or the participants can mute themselves. So that the noise from their side cannot actually reach the host, record the meeting for the person who didn’t actually attend the meeting. The host can create a breakout, and can also delete the attendees who are creating problem or disturbing the entire meeting.
  • A large number of attendees:- the video conferencing or the meeting can be attended via the folks up to 100. This is a large number who can also attend any video conferencing as well.
  • Breakout rooms: – this feature is beneficial whenever you guys want to divide the meeting into small groups with any of the means such as by the different discussion topics as well.
  • Dial-in feature: – this feature will allow you in order to call through their phones with which the charges will be according to the normal call rate.


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