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New iPad Air is almost equal to the late iPad Pro of 10.5 inches

After the new AirPods and the fifth-generation iPad mini, our site has already published its dismantling of the recently released 10.5-inch iPad Air – and, to the surprise of a few, found that much of the internal components of the new model are inherited directly from the same old iPad Pro.

According to our professionals, iPads’ “non-Pro” line has become a kind of Frankenstein: the pieces are basically a mix of components and designs used in earlier versions of iPads Pro, but unfortunately many of the best things from the more expensive line (such as modularity, the ProMotion 120Hz screen, and the easy-to-remove batteries) have made no trip to the cheaper layers of the family.

On the new Air iPad specifically, the only notable elements he loses compared to the late 10.5-inch Pro iPad are the quartet of surround speakers (there are now only two) and the most advanced camera module – which, at least freeing the device from the dreaded jagged lens. The logic board is located at the center point of the device, unlike older Air models.

New iPad Air is almost equal to the late iPad Pro of 10.5 inches

The new model of code A2152has a battery of two cells and 30.8Wh – the same as the old iPad Pro. The battery connector remains trapped under the logic board, which makes disconnecting the component and its repair very more complex than necessary. The Lightning port, in turn, is welded to the board, which is also a rather negative point.

New iPad Air is almost equal to the late iPad Pro of 10.5 inches

In the end, our gave the new iPad Air a “reparability” rating 2 out of 10 possible points, criticizing the cavalry quantities of adhesive that make the opening of the tablet a complicated process and the aforementioned difficulty of replacing the battery. It attracted compliments, however, the fact that you can handle all the screws of the device with a simple small Philips screwdriver.

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