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What is Silhouette Challenge Song and Where to Find

Silhouette Challenge Song

TikTok now has been the launching pad for a number of creators. It is no wonder that a lot of us have our playlists, filled along with songs we hear on the platform. Whenever a sound is used for any challenge, then it immediately blows up. But, not all the sounds you hear on TikTok are complete songs. Some of the sounds are mash-ups of different songs, that leave listeners craving for a remix as well. In this article, we are going to talk about What is Silhouette Challenge Song and Where to Find it. Let’s begin!

One challenge, that has recently gained popularity, actually has such a crave-worthy sound. Called the Silhouette Challenge, it also has now spilled off TikTok and has reached many other platforms such as Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram as well. The #SilhouetteChallenge trend basically involves the users showing off their physique without even any explicit nudity. Before you fill your ears along with the melody, let’s just take a look at the challenge.

What is Silhouette Challenge?

The viral challenge has had a lot of people mesmerized as women, and some men, show off their figures along with the help of a red light filter and a doorway. The person actually starts the video off along with a smooth Paul Anka song before transitioning into “Streets” via Doja Cat actually. They then strip down and strike different poses in order to show their curves’ silhouette along with the red filter’s help.

However, the #BussItChallenge showed women transforming and putting on their best clothes along with full-on glam. This trend strips the person down in order to focus solely on their shapes and their silhouettes. The challenge needs participants in order to film two separate videos of themselves. And then combine them whenever, using audio from TikTok. The videos start along with the person standing in front of the camera in regular lighting while wearing casual clothes. Along with some choosing to wear robes and pajamas, as Anka sings, “Put your hand on my shoulder.”

The music then transitions into the “Streets” beat, and also the camera filter turns red. The lighting perfectly shows off each and every curve as the participants strike different poses. When standing in a doorway via an outside light source in order to create a shadow effect.

What is the song in the Silhouette Challenge?

There are a few songs that have been used via the trend-followers. But, the song that most users add to their video whenever, completing the challenge is a remix.

This is just not the first of Doja Cat’s songs to have skyrocketed to popularity on TikTok as well. Songs such as Say so and Juicy, have been the soundtracks for multiple trends. However, this time, Doja’s music is accompanied via that of Paul Anka.

The Streets X Put Your Head on My Shoulder remix, is actually a nice and naughty transition well suited for the challenge as well. The sound starts off along with the unaltered classic. Whenever Anka sings the word “shoulder”, the beat drops, and also the song transitions to Doja’s song. So, it really goes from sweet to sensual at the drop of the beat.

Where to find the Silhouette Challenge song?

Having heard the Streets X Put Your Head on My Shoulder sound, are you guys looking to hear more of it? Well, there is no official remix of the two songs. But, there have been a couple of remixes uploaded on platforms such as YouTube and Sound Cloud. All the remixes start along with the TikTok sound, and then the rest of the song is pretty much a slowed-down version of Doja’s song.

You can find the Put Your Head on My Shoulder song here: YouTube | SoundCloud

You can also listen to Anka’s song and Doja’s songs, separately, on pretty much all music streaming platforms. Doja’s song Freak is also one that has drawn influence from Anka’s classic as well. So, you guys can give that a listen as well.

Experts are warning women of a potential danger behind the challenge

What began as a trend for women in order to celebrate and show off their curves quickly turned sour whenever Twitter users started sharing ways. In order to remove the red filter from the videos, exposing the women’s naked—or partially nude—bodies as well. Tutorials basically began popping up on YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit, that provided instructions on how you can counteract the filter in order to reveal more than the video creator meant to show.

Changing the lighting and filter shows the original image, and the woman’s nude body obscured via the filter was now visible. However, that’s a blatant violation of privacy and consent. A quick search on Twitter will offer a lot of tweets of people. Most men are asking for help in how to get rid of the effect. One user, in particular, was actually called out for editing videos from multiple women even without their permission. “Fyi, report and block @Brezzlova,” and one person tweeted. “This is one of the people editing and posting women’s silhouette challenge videos without the filter actually. Just scrolling down his media tab, and he’s done this to more than 10 women so far.”

Professional photographers and videographers are now taking to TikTok and social media in order to warn women via explaining how easy it is really to remove the filter. They suggest that they can wear a bikini or any other clothing that covers up their most private areas. If they do decide in order to participate. However, those PSAs are appreciated, and it is unfortunate that they even have to be shared. There is a lot of access to X-Rated content on the Internet from folks who are willingly and consensually sharing it. So there is no real reason in order to violate someone who didn’t intend for anyone in order to see them naked.


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