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Solve any problem with your iPhone with dr.fone

The vast majority of users think that only with iTunes can solve the problems of their Apple devices, however, there are many tools available that can help us with different errors and even recover deleted files.

It has happened to everyone that, without knowing exactly how, the iPhone has been locked in recovery mode or DFU mode. If this is your case do not worry because today we bring you an app that will solve any type of problem that happens to your iPhone or iPad.

dr fone

dr.fone is an iOS system recovery tool that will fix your Apple device by making it work normally again. Even its latest update ensures to solve the problems that appear when returning from one of the beta versions of iOS 13 to iOS 12.

Problems after an iOS update? dr.fone to the rescue

On most occasions when updating your iPhone or iPad nothing strange happens, however, there are other times that your device may get locked. This can also happen very often when we perform a downgrade, something likely if you usually install betas like iOS 13. The only apparent solution is the restoration from iTunes and the consequent loss of data and information, but before taking such extreme measures, our advice is to use dr.fone.

One of the most amazing features of this app is that you will recover your iPhone without losing data. Compared to restoring iOS from iTunes or other methods that can solve system problems, using dr.fone will not compromise your data. All you need to do is connect your device and a few clicks and in a few minutes, you will have your iPhone or iPad operational again.

In any of the cases that we put bellow, dr.fone will help you avoid a restoration and lose your data:

  • Device trapped in DFU mode.
  • White Screen of Death or White Screen of Death.
  • iPhone with a black screen.
  • iPhone Boot Loop or infinite loop.
  • iPhone frozen.
  • iPhone caught in a restart.

If your iPhone is in any of these situations with dr.fone you can make it work normally again and without having to lose the data, it also ensures you can solve other problems that are not on this list and something very important, help you when making an iOS downgrade.

Going back to an earlier version of iOS is not a simple task and the steps can be too complex for most users, but thanks to dr.fone you will not lose data along the way when performing an iOS downgrade. In addition, jailbreak is not necessary.

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Steps to follow to repair your iPhone

Once you have downloaded dr.fone on your Mac or Windows computer you should open it and you will see a window like the one below. You must click on the “Repair” or “Repair” section.

Now is the time to connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer using the official cable, it is likely that on your iOS device you should enter the code and click on “Trust this computer”. Once done dr.fone will automatically detect your iOS device and show you two Standard Mode and Advanced Mode options.

The standard model, or Standard Mode, correct most of the problems that can appear with the iOS system without this entailing a loss of data. Advanced mode, or Advanced Mode, solve even more problems but erases device data. Our recommendation is to use only the advanced mode if the standard model fails.

The tool automatically detects the model of your device, be it an iPhone or an iPad, and shows the different available versions of the system, it is compatible with virtually all versions of iOS. Clicking on “Start” will begin the process that will solve any problem that we have mentioned before.

It may be necessary for dr.fone to download the firmware of the device, something that could take a few minutes and will depend on your internet connection. Then it will verify it and if it can fix the problem of your device a screen will appear with a button called “Fix Now” or “Repair Now”. Pressing it, and after waiting just a few minutes, our iPhone or iPad will be repaired.

As we see it is a really powerful tool that can be used for many things. It is true that one of its main uses is to solve errors after an update or downgrade of iOS, but there are many more functions.

With dr.fone you can recover deleted data from your devices or backup copies, in iTunes or in iCloud; transfer, copy and save a copy of all your documents; erase data permanently and even recover deleted chats, photos or files from your social networks like WhatsApp.

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