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Stardew Valley Scarecrow Range, Rarecrows, and Crafting Tips

stardew valley scarecrow range

Stardew Valley is basically a simulation role-playing video game that is developed via Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone. The game was initially launched for Microsoft Windows, however, later released for all the major platforms actually. That includes Android, iOS, Play Station, Xbox One, and also Nintendo Switch. In this classic game, the player takes the role of a farmer and hence farms for crops and many other things that are funky and entertaining as well. In this article, we are going to talk about Stardew Valley Scarecrow Range, Rarecrows, and Crafting Tips. Let’s begin!

Now the players of Stardew Valley are a bit confused about crafting a Scarecrow actually. They do not really understand the use of it and where they can also place it in order to get the maximum advantage. So today, we will discuss the use of Scarecrow and the many other attributes that are associated with this.

Scarecrows and their Range

As you guys already know, scarecrows are used to keeping crows away from a farm as well. Just like that, Scarecrows in Stardew Valley are used for the same purpose for keeping the crows away that basically eat the crops. Scarecrows are not needed for crops that are actually grown from Wild Seeds because crows do not attack them. You guys can start crafting for scarecrows from Farming Level 1 actually.


A scarecrow will mostly protect the farm surround a circle of 248 spaces as well. This basically means eight spaces in each, north, south, east, and west. As well as six spaces to the north-east, south-east, south-west and also north-west. In simple words, we can also say it will protect and secure an area of 17×17, also excluding ten spaces on each corner.


Rarecrows work just the same way as the Scarecrows; just they change the overall look of the farm as well. The funniest thing is that there is an Aliencrow on which you guys cannot put a hat. And also on the other ones, you can place as well. But, there are 8 Rarecrows. Whenever you craft the 8th Rarecrow, you will then receive a letter with a recipe for a Deluxe Scarecrow as well

All Scarecrow Tips and Tricks

Now we will show you all the available details of the Scarecrow in tabular data as well. That will basically help you in a better understanding of the Scarecrow and its crafting tips as well.

  • Regular Scarecrow you guys will get this with completing Level 1 Farming with some woods and fiber
  • You can purchase this at the Stardew Valley Fair for 800 Stars as well
  • You can purchase this at the Sprit’s Eve for 5000 gold too
  • Also, you can buy this at the casino for 10,000 too
  • You can buy this at the Travelling Cart randomly during the fall season for 4000 gold actually
  • You can buy this at the Flower Dance for 2500 gold as well
  • And you can buy this from the Dwarf for 2500 Gold
  • You guys can buy this via donating 20 Artifacts to the Museum
  • You have to donate 40 items to the museum in order to make this purchase
  • This is basically the Deluxe Scarecrow. You guys have to craft all the Rarecrows (9). Then you will receive a letter from a bird in order to build this Scarecrow

stardew valley scarecrow range

Stardew Valley Scarecrow Range, Rarecrows, and Crafting Tips

Where to get all Rarecrows in Stardew Valley:

  • Farmer Rarecrow: The first scarecrow you can get is actually a lady farmer; you can buy it at flower dance for 2500k gold each and every spring 24th of spring, from Pierre’s booth at the dance.
  • Turnip Head Rarecrow: The next rarecrow is basically a reference to the anime Howls Moving Castle. You can purchase it along with 800-star tokens at the Stardew Valley Fair. If you guys don’t know how to get star tokens, then you can get them via playing carnival games or participating in the grange display.
  • Witch Rarecrow: You guys can get this through paying 5k gold at the Spirit’s Eve that takes place on the 27th of fall each and every year in Stardew Valley.
  • Alien Rarecrow: This next one, you can get via buying it with 10k casino tokens in the Oasis Casino. Also, if you didn’t know already, you can also get casino tokens through exchanging them at a rate of 1k per 100 tokens via a machine next to an NPC called Mr. QI. 
  • Snowman Rarecrow: The next one is a snowman-themed scarecrow that can actually pop up from time to time in the traveling cart randomly both in the fall and winter in the game as well. Whenever it’s in the cart, you will have to buy it for 4k gold. 
  • Racoon Rarecrow: In order to get the raccoon scarecrow, you will have to donate a total of 20 items to the museum in town. 
  • Tiki head Rarecrow: For the Tiki head Rarecrow, you will have to do the same thing, however, this time, donate more than 40 items. 
  • Dwarf Rarecrow: Now, for the last rarecrow on this list, you guys will have to buy it from the dwarf NPC in Stardew Valley for 2500k gold.


Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you guys like this “stardew valley scarecrow range” article and also find it helpful to you. Give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries and issues related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

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