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Best Steam Alternatives You Can Use

Steam Alternatives

Well, nowadays, gaming is spreading so much in technology due to a lot of advantages. Steam, that is the name that comes to everyone’s mind whenever talking about gaming. But, we also looked into the best alternatives for steam. 80% of gamers probably use steam due to various features offered by them, but luckily we got some alternatives. Are you looking into these alternatives can advantage you in many ways, as steam games are costly? In this article, we are going to talk about Best Steam Alternatives You Can Use. Let’s begin!

However, the alternatives to steam actually have different models and have more features than steam. Steam also took a really high commission on its gaming. So shifting to its alternatives can also be a good idea that will help to overcome all these issues.

These all steam alternatives will provide you games at a discounted price, that will be really easy for you to afford. If you guys don’t want to shift from steam. Then you can also look at these alternatives in order to help you whenever steam will down.

Best Steam Alternatives You Can Use

Most PC gamers actually prefer to buy games from these online stores since they offer discounts and membership and sometimes give free games occasionally. Unfortunately, steam is overrated now, so you have to check out these alternatives from a gaming background.

Good Old Games

GOG is actually a part of the CD Projekt Group, the developers of The Witcher game series. It also offers some amazing deals on famous PC games and DRM-free classic PC games at really cheap prices. That you can enjoy anywhere you guys want. Furthermore, you can find the best indie games on GOG along with really generous price tags.

Steam Alternatives

GOG does not even boast of a large games line-up like Steam, however, it still has a decent collection of amazing games for your PC that you guys can enjoy. Also, it regularly brings sales as well as crazy discount deals. For instance, at the time of writing, it is actually running a Summer Sale promotion where you can snag top titles. Such as The Witcher 3 and many more at heavily discounted prices.

Visit Good Old Games

GreenMan Gaming

This newer entry to the streaming game market is just trying to set itself apart from the competition through establishing a console-streaming program. Although it’s still in its early stages, the company also promises to have it up and then running soon. Whenever it comes to many other platforms, GreenMan also offers the same design as its counterparts. Users can also find a growing list of PC as well as Mac titles among the site’s expanding catalog as well. Early access is also available on anticipated franchise entries from the industry’s most well-known companies as well.

GreenMan Gaming

Gamers along with a taste for indie titles will also enjoy the service’s promotion of one-of-a-kind choices. That covers the best of indie gaming. Whenever it comes to deals, the site gives a rotating selection of choices that are discounted more than 90% off of retail prices.

Visit GreenMan Gaming

Humble Bundle

This is actually the best place to buy games and bundles whenever supporting charity. Ideally, the Humble Bundle is actually a digital storefront for video games. It basically features a collection of games sold at a price, along with a part of the price going towards charity.

Humble Bundle

On the platform, you can get games, eBooks, software, and much other digital content. The major mission is just to support charity whenever providing awesome content to customers at a great price.

Plus, it permits flexible pricing according to the games bundle that you want. Some of the games you can also find are dead estate, arch vale, unpacking, and much more.

Visit Humble Bundle

G2A | Steam Alternatives

G2A is structured in just a way where users can buy, sell, and also trade keys for games from each and every platform. G2A’s design mirrors that of larger services like Origin and GOG.Com. One of the service’s most intriguing aspects is that its Random Key offers. Gamers can also choose to buy one or more Steam keys that will provide them access to randomly selected games. It’s a really interesting option for users that are open in order to switch genres and anyone looking to broaden their gaming horizons. In addition to the usual payment options, G2A is now also accepting Paypal.

The G2A Goldmine program provides gamers a chance to make money doing what they love. There’s also a referral system that depends on social media tools. That could lead to some interesting payoffs if your number of referred friends is just really high enough.

Visit G2A

Microsoft Store

I know most of us that don’t even open the Microsoft Store on our Windows 10 PCs, for the obvious lack of good apps. However, there’s a game store baked right into it. You can just simply head to the ‘Games’ tab in the Microsoft Store in order to check out the collection of game titles available there. You may, however, have to do some searching to find particular titles you’re looking for under the category and rating filters.

Microsoft Store

There’s a ton of famous games such as Forza Horizon 4 and Rise of the Tomb Raider. Among many others available through Xbox Live on the Microsoft Store as well. And hardcore gamers totally just hate it since all of these games are restricted to the Microsoft Store and not really available anywhere else, that is a pain in itself.

Visit Microsoft Store | Steam Alternatives

Are you a digital creator looking for a market for your video games or not? Well, is actually the best platform for that. Not only that, however, you also get a chance to sell the content that you really have created.

As the seller, you guys can set the price, run the sales, and design the game pages as well. There is actually a comprehensive collection of unique, engaging, and independent creations. Moreover, as a creator, you get access to detailed analytics of how folks are interacting with your work.

It features horror games, multiplayer, HTML 5 games, and many other types of games categories. Some of the games also include Round ogre, Nira, before your eyes, a slice of the sea, and much more actually. You can’t really miss getting a fascinating game from this platform as well.


Epic Games Store

With each and everyone looking to compete with Steam, there’s actually no way that Fortnite creator Epic Games could just watch from the sidelines. It debuted the Epic Games Store towards the end of last year along with around a dozen PC game titles. Along with some of them being exclusives and unreleased games like Ashen, World War Z, and much more. Yes, there aren’t really a ton of games on here, however, there’s scope for success.

Epic Games Store

We all know the Epic Games Store isn’t really going to replace Steam anytime soon. However, it will bank on a burgeoning collection, timed exclusives actually. And also an alluring 88% revenue-sharing scheme for developers – also much better than Steam. Epic Games Store also plans a tighter integration between the game developer’s social media and also game pages, which should be really interesting.

Visit Epic Games Store


Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you guys like this article and also find it helpful to you. Give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries and issues related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

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