The Best Pushbullet Alternatives You can Use


Pushbullet is basically one of the best utility tools that you can use. In order to quickly and conveniently transfer files between your Android device and PC, send SMS messages from your PC, set reminders, and much more. Well, the free version of Pushbullet, however, is somewhat crippled when we compare to the ‘Pro’ version, and that might some users off. In this article, we are going to talk about The Best Pushbullet Alternatives You can Use. Let’s begin!

Here are some of the features you will miss in Pushbullet’s free version:

  • Actionable notifications
  • Mirrored notifications
  • Universal copy and link sharing
  • 100/month restriction
  • Send files more than 25 MB only and 2 GB storage space limitation

Pushbullet Pro is priced at $39.99/year or $4.99/month, which might not be affordable for some of the users. Well, Pushbullet users will either have to pay for the “Pro” subscription or look for an alternative as well. If you guys don’t plan on paying for Pushbullet Pro, then here are the best Pushbullet alternatives that you can use.

The Best Pushbullet Alternatives You can Use



  • Notification Mirroring
  • Remote access
  • Remote dialing
  • Receive and respond to notifications
  • Camera access
  • Cross-platform
  • 1GB file transfer
  • Unlimited data transfer


  • None

Download AirDroid (Freemium, $2.99)

Pushbullet Alternatives

AirDroid is probably one of the best Pushbullet alternatives along with a comparable feature set and a lower price point. However, Pushbullet focuses more on mirroring notification, AirDroid strength lies in transferring data between Computer and Android actually.

AirDroid will actually connect with your Windows or macOS computer, which allows you to control it remotely. You can also access the camera and start recording if you want actually. Well, transferring files is as easy as dragging and dropping them as well. Another hidden feature of Airdroid is actually screen mirroring. You can tap on the Screenshot icon and it will then bring up the phone’s display. Maximize the window on your computer and you have ads and lag-free screen mirroring as well.

All of the mobile notifications will be mirrored on the big screen and then you will be able to interact with it. AirDroid also offers a web client so that you can use it without installing a native client. AirDroid free has a 30MB file transfer and a 200MB data transfer limit as well. For $2.99, you get remote camera access, local file transfer, remove ads, 1GB file transfer, and also unlimited data transfer.

Join | Pushbullet Alternatives


  • Tasker, IFTTT, Google Assistant integration
  • Clipboard for link, text
  • Send or receive files
  • Notification Mirroring
  • Messages
  • No subscription


  • No Apple ecosystem support

Download Join (Windows | Android)

Pushbullet Alternatives

Join is actually a capable alternative to Pushbullet, however, it does not have the best user interface. So if you guys want a reliable app and you do not care about the UI/UX then I would highly recommend you to go with Join actually.

Well, from the makers of the critically acclaimed Tasker comes Join. A really simple app that will sync notifications and all other data between Windows and Android platforms. You guys can connect it with Tasker, IFTTT, and even Google Assistant as well. This provides you an unlimited number of ways to automate many aspects of your smartphone.

The join will actually let you share links, files, and even clipboard between devices. For notifications, you guys can control which apps’ notification that you want to sync. This will make things less chaotic actually. There is also an option to take screenshots and open apps remotely as well. Join has also a one-time cost of $4.49, No subscription.

Snapdrop | Pushbullet Alternatives


  • Works on P2P protocol
  • Uses TLS protocol
  • Supports PWA so you can use it as desktop apps


  • Works only on Wi-Fi

Download Snapdrop

Pushbullet Alternatives

Snapdrop is basically an open-source web-based platform that works across all of the platforms. All you need is a common WiFi access point actually. If your PC and smartphone are connected to the same WiFi network then just simply open on both of the devices and start sharing files as well. You can also share links through right-tapping on the device. The best part about Snapdrop is that it is extremely fast, you can even share multiple files in one go and also there are no ads whatsoever.

Not to mention here, that all of your file transfers are encrypted using TLS protocol just like Pushbullet. In order to conclude, if you guys use Pushbullet mainly for file transfers then Snapdrop is actually the best alternative bar none in this list.

MightyText | Pushbullet Alternatives


  • Notification Mirroring
  • Schedule messages
  • Backup or restore messages
  • Bulk messages, drafts
  • Multi-chat window
  • Sync pictures, videos (100GB)
  • Android app and web client


  • No native client for Apple, Windows
  • Can’t interact along with notifications
  • Only media files can be transferred

Download MightyText

Mighty text

MightyText is actually one of the best PushBullet alternatives that you guys can use. Just the same as Pushbullet, Mighty Text syncs your text messages, and also you can reply to your messages right from your PC. It also mirrors your notifications and lets you make calls, rings your phone. It also lets you uninstall an app, sends photos & videos, check battery status, etc., all right from the MightyText app actually.

Mighty Text’s free version has a limit of 500 text messages a month actually, which is 5 times than what Pushbullet’s free version offers actually. Mighty Text also has a paid version, which lets you schedule messages, removes the limit on messages, removes ads, also lets you sync 100 GBs of photos & videos, and much more. The Pro version of MightyText is priced at $9.99/ month or $79.99/year. Mighty Text should work well if you guys are okay with its 500/month limit of messages in the free version however, if you are not, you can also check out some other alternatives.

KDE Connect | Pushbullet Alternatives


  • Notification mirroring
  • Browsing files
  • Clipboard sync,
  • Control PC through the phone. Open source!!


  • No option to mirror screen
  • Reply to notifications doesn’t work at times

Download KDEConnect (Android | Linux)

KDE Connect

By any chance, if you guys happen to be a Linux user, then KDE Connect is one of the best PushBullet alternatives for you. As of now, it is free of cost and really easy to use that helps users in integrating your mobile phone along with your PC. If we talk about its capabilities, users can easily regulate media playback, send and receive files and data. Also, share URLs, gain access to notifications from Third-Party Apps, and also send in the input.

KDE Connect does not really support receiving calls yet but, the best part about this app is that. It permits you to change the song track that is playing on your laptop and manipulate it the way you want to see it. Overall, KDE Connect is a really great replacement especially for Linux users and one should get their hands on it right away actually.

AirMore | Pushbullet Alternatives

If you guys are looking for a cross-platform App such as PushBullet. Then AirMore is the best PushBullet alternative you can get your hands on. This App permits users to connect their mobile devices to their PC via wired or wireless data configurations of the user. However, using this App the only thing that users will need to keep in mind is to open the web browser on their desktops. Right from multimedia streaming, file transferring, and then receiving, Android screen reflecting, managing your contacts, messages, file management, And many other secure transfers, AirMore is your all in one companion as well.

Download AirMore

Yappy | Pushbullet Alternatives


  • Sync messages
  • Notification Mirroring
  • Encrypted messages
  • Initiate calls remotely


  • No file transfer
  • No Apple ecosystem support

Download Yappy

Yappy is a MightyText competitor more than Pushbullet alternative however, does things in a really better way. First and foremost, all of the text messages sent are encrypted so that there are no leakages. You can also receive notifications, however, also initiate a call remotely. Adding signatures is optional and scheduling messages is instant.

Well, the free version is powerful enough but the pro version will remove ads. Retain messages for an unlimited time, and turn on scheduling messages. The pro version will actually cost you $4.99. It uses to be bucks back in the day.

Your Phone & Cortana | Pushbullet Alternatives


  • Notification Mirroring and reply
  • Sync photos
  • View, send messages
  • Screen mirroring


  • Videos don’t sync
  • Mirroring is limited to Samsung, OnePlus

Download Your Phone (Windows | Android | iOS)

Your Phone

If you guys are running Windows 10, then you already have a native Pushbullet alternative built-in. Your phone app is basically developed via Microsoft and offers a range of cross-platform sync features. It can sync messages, pictures, calls, and notifications as well. And not just that, you can also even pick up calls and reply to notifications from your PC directly. Plus, there’s also a screen mirroring feature however, it’s limited to Samsung and OnePlus devices for now.

Cortana, on the other hand, will also help along with setting reminders. That will sync across devices and also read your emails to notify you of important events and dates as well. Cortana is more of a smart assistant and also a Google Assistant competitor than a Pushbullet alternative. However, some of its sync features will come in handy.

The iOS version of YourPhone is called “Continue on PC” and has limited features.

Well, Your Phone is still a work in progress and Microsoft is working hard in order to add more features. It is completely free to use actually.


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