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The Best Sites Like Pinterest – You Should See

If we look around, we will actually find that image and video sharing websites such as Pinterest, Instagram, etc. That has been on the rise for the past few years actually. Talking about Pinterest, it’s actually a great platform in order to share images. What’s more interesting is that the platform permits its users to share and follow the content categories that we like as well. In this article, we are going to talk about The Best Sites Like Pinterest – You Should See.

On Pinterest, users can create virtual boards in order to ‘Pin’ the images or also follow other boards. It has a huge database of pictures actually. The platform was immensely famous and this is what given rise to the same websites and apps.

Well, right now there are actually hundreds of Pinterest alternatives available on the web that we can use to share images. So, in this article, we have decided to share some of the best sites such as Pinterest that you can use right now.

The Best Sites Like Pinterest – You Should See

You’ll find a lot of apps like Pinterest that cater content to photographers, food lovers, designers, and folks from many industries. If you guys want a Pinterest-like experience for any particular genre, here are some of the best alternatives that you should try.

We Heart It

We Heart It is a really good option if you are looking for websites like Pinterest. It is a platform to share and also organize the things that you love on the internet.

sites like pinterest


However, Pinterest is not really aimed at teenagers, We Heart It certainly is! From the moment you visit the homepage, you guys will notice that it’s indeed aimed at young and college-going ladies actually. Unlike Pinterest, We Heart It boasts a more basic, yet modern experience, where you can discover and follow folks and ‘love’ pictures that are shared by others. However, it lacks the pinning or board features from Pinterest. It also makes it up with collections, an easy to use layout, and also a great community of mostly young women actually.

Website – We Heart It


Well, PearlTrees is pretty much the same as sites like pinterest whenever it comes to the features. Pearltrees is a really great place in order to organize your interests where you can explore and share stuff. It allows you to save web pages, files, pictures, or notes too.

sites like pinterest

The site permits its users to explore and share different types of image content. But, rather than boards and Pins, you get ‘Trees’ here. Soon after sharing content, you will come across ‘trees’ that are similar to the content that you guys share.

Site – Pearl Tress


However, Pinterest offers content in many genres, Hometalk only focuses on your house décor needs actually. Apart from that, each and everything’s the same. From the interface to the pinning concept, it’s almost just like someone that has taken the category of home décor from Pinterest and then placed it on another site. However, hats off to the contributors of Hometalk. There are some incredible home décor concepts that can actually turn an average-looking house into a dream home.

sites like pinterest

It basically consists of a diverse range of topics such as DIY home projects, kitchen design, floors, doors and windows, and gardening as well. If you guys are looking for something particular, post your question, and then you will soon find a reply from one of the community members actually.

Site – Hometalk


If you guys are looking for home decoration ideas, check out VisualizeUs. It basically features the same interface as Pinterest and permits you to save and share images from the internet. What makes it different is that the pictures shared here are mostly about furniture and interior design actually.


Photos show how furniture looks in the natural home environment so that you get a better idea of the product. If you guys are looking for a new study table or a couch, then this is actually a really good website to start your research as well.

Site – VisualizeUs


It is basically a platform from where you guys can discover or share your favorite food, accommodation, and sight-seeing suggestions as well. It’s basically a platform where the travelers share their best places and experience actually. You can also communicate with the community in order to plan your next travel.

Site – Everplaces


Designspiration is also one of the sites like Pinterest for designers. If you guys like digital art, photography, website design, book covers, other same things, then this is actually the website to follow. It basically features a Pinterest-Esque card style presentation that is pretty easy to navigate and beautiful to look at. Just like Pinterest, you get a Pin button ( dubbed as “Save”) that basically lets you save the posts that you like.

sites like pinterest

You can also share posts, like them, comment on them, and much more. I really love the “Explore” tab on the website. It arranges posts via categories. That allows you to easily browse posts you are interested in. Categories also include art, posters, architecture, hand-writing, photography, and much more. You are really going to enjoy using this website, so just tap on the link below and then check it out.

Site – Designspiration


Piccsy is actually a great platform for those who are looking for creative, motivational, and beautiful pictures. It has a decent interface, and you can pretty much do almost everything that you can do with Pinterest actually. Here, you can also share and discover interesting images. Piccsy has a ton of interesting features too. Plus, you can also search via category, sort images (day wise, week wise, month wise, year wise) too.


Some of the famous categories also include Fashion, Illustration, Photography, and Art. Finally, there are social media buttons at the corner of the page in order to share the stuff that you like instantly.

Site – Piccsy


Whenever it comes to personalized discovery platforms such as Pinterest, Mix does not fall short of expectations. From philosophy to food recipes, Mix basically contains almost each and every type of content that comes under the sun actually. With high-quality curated posts, you guys can expect to hop from one article to another within minutes actually. Browse through lists of categories and pin the ones that you want to explore later.

In addition to pictures, there are full-length articles on this site actually. sites like Pinterest, you guys can also personalize your feeds from many categories. If you love both photos and articles, then do register on Mix too.


Pinterest now really allows e-commerce apps in order to upload marketing posts. So that whenever the viewers want to see more, they will get redirected to their official site too. Fancy actually follows the same concept. It basically consists of curated content of different varieties of fancy products categorized under clothing, home, art, gadgets, and many more than that. If something catches your fancy, then you can also visit the official site of the respective brand through clicking on the post. Plus, the app suggests the trending products related to the category that you love.

sites like pinterest

Furthermore, you guys can browse through categories such as Women, Men, Home, etc. The layout of the website is somewhat just the same as Pinterest, so it looks very familiar and is really easy to navigate.

Site – Fancy


If you guys are looking for a platform that closely resembles Pinterest. Then Juxtapost is the one should be turning your attention to. It’s an age-old platform, along with a loyal community that has built up an equally rich and robust collection of content as Pinterest on here.


There’s something for everyone on Juxtapost, except for a modern design, and you guys can add stuff onto your private boards (which you can export), comment on other people’s posts, and collaborate along with them on projects. It’s actually a great community that you guys will not want to leave behind.

Site – Juxtapost


Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you guys like this “sites like Pinterest” article and also find it helpful to you. Give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries and issues related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

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