The Best Torrent9 Alternatives You Should Visit


Now that majority of the torrent websites are close down via the federal government, customers are not able to search out any solid torrent websites actually. Neatly, there are some of the torrent websites to had on the net. But as a rule that they are down. Speaking concerning the torrent websites, Torrent9 was actually the most efficient torrent web site again in 2017. Well, in this article, we are going to talk about The Best Torrent9 Alternatives You Should Visit. Let’s begin!

Just like that, similar to all of the different main torrent websites, Torrent9 also turned into the sufferer of the mass torrent ban. But, sooner than its dying, Torrent9 has received in a lot of popularity and that is why it’s nonetheless searched these days actually. Torrent9 fanatics nonetheless seek for torrent9 possible choices on the net as well.

You can download many movies, games, music files, and many other things from these torrents. This listing of the best torrent sites for you in order to check out is worth noting in many forms. The torrent sites here are all safe places in order to check out and it will give you many opportunities in order to find things of note actually.

The Best Torrent9 Alternatives You Should Visit

So, if you guys are also a huge fan of torrent9, then you have landed on the right page. Here in this article, we are going to share some of the best Torrent9 alternatives that you can visit right now. These sites are live right now, and you can visit them in order to download your favorite torrents.


Best Features – Simple and clean UI; Dedicated sections for different types of content actually
Types of Content – anime, movies, music, TV shows, games, software as well
Availability – Banned in Australia, Austria, Ireland, United Kingdom.

1337X is basically operating for years in spite of many IP blocks around the globe. 1337X continues to be outstanding to offer a full music and television library.

torrent9 alternatives

There are also separate sections for anime and adult entertainment as well. The site also includes a trending section that basically lets you know what is out online for you to note. Not just that, however, 1337X is known for its huge database of torrent files. From Movies to games, you guys can find almost everything on the 1337X.


Best Features – Availability of movies in high-def 720p, 1080p, and also even 3D.
Types of Content – movies
Availability – banned in Ireland

YTS is actually another Torrent9 alternative, that is immensely famous among movie enthusiasts actually. Using YTS you guys can easily download an extensive collection of many popular and also exclusive movies available in 720p, 1080p, and 3D quality as well. Just like Torrent9, YTS has a very well-developed UI that makes searching and exploring movies really simple.


YTS also gives detailed information such as cast names, trailers, and synopsis for different movies. Unlike, other Torrent9 alternatives you won’t be able to find anything except movie torrents on YTS actually.


Best Features – Torlock only lists verified torrents
Types of Content  – movies, TV shows, anime, software
Availability – blocked in Australia, India, United Kingdom

Torlock basically refers to itself as a torrent site that does not offer fake torrents. Instead, the site reviews and analyzes the file content on each and every torrent to make sure that the data is accurate and correct.

The key is to produce proper results surrounding what one might find online actually. The number of seeds and peers for each and every torrent is listed directly on the site in order to give people details on what they are finding.

The Pirate Bay | torrent9 alternatives

Best Features – Magnet links supported; peer-to-peer file sharing as well
Types of Content – movies, music, TV shows, games, software too
– Banned in several countries and also regions

The Pirate Bay is actually working for the past fifteen years as a place that offers thorough torrent downloads. The site works with many sections for content, although the most famous part comes from how you can sort your searches based on what you guys wish to find actually.

torrent9 alternatives

The Pirate Bay basically offers search options for audio files, applications, games, and videos as well. The site also offers a thorough review of each and every torrent available based on how many people are transferring the content on the torrent at a time actually. Another thing is that it also gives the magnet links for the torrent files. So, The Pirate Bay is another best working torrent site that you can visit right now.


Best Features – No popups and advertisements; Availability of more than 1,300 TV shows and 30,000 movies
Types of Content – movies, TV shows
Availability – Available in the whole world.

Zoogle was basically established as a replacement for Bitsnoop. After Bitsnoop shut down in 2017, folks had started looking around for good alternatives that can actually work for their torrent needs. The great thing about using Zoogle is that it gives people with full searches for the most famous movies and shows around. Information on the most-seeded bits of content can also be found here as well.

The intriguing point is that the software programs seeded on Zoogle appear as the most famous things that folks can download on the site. If you guys are looking for a torrent site that is known for the video content, then Zooqle might be the best place to land actually.

SeedPeer | torrent9 alternatives

Best Features – Advanced filtering options; A decade-old torrent website
Types of Content – Movies, TV shows, games, applications, music, books, anime, adult content as well.
Availability – Targeted by individual ISPs.

The next best Torrent9 alternative on the list is SeedPeer actually. Just like Torrent9, SeedPeer also has a very well-developed UI that makes searching appropriate torrents really simple. SeedPeer displays the age, size, seeds, peers, and also health for each and every torrent file.

Well, seed per also features the new torrents from the past 48 hours on its homepage actually. Content on SeedPeer is also segregated into different categories as well. It is worth noting that, SeedPeer is actually the renamed version of the famous decade-old torrent website Meganova.


Best Features – No popups and advertisements
Types of Content – movies, TV shows
Availability – Blocked in Australia, Ireland, United Kingdom.


EZTV is actually the last torrent site on the list that focuses only on the video content. The great thing about EZTV is that you guys can find tons of Movies, TV Shows, Short Videos on the platform actually. Apart from that, what makes EZTV different from its competitor is the old-school interface that it has as well. The interface looks outdated, however, it is really very easy to use. So, EZTV is another best Torrent9 alternatives that you guys can visit right now.

LimeTorrents | torrent9 alternatives

Best Features – One-click torrents downloads; LimeTorrents displays the size and the upload time of each and every torrent.
Types of Content – movies, games, software, ebooks also
Availability – Banned in Australia, France, United Kingdom as well.

Because of its nifty features, it has gained some popularity. LimeTorrents offers verified one-tap torrents downloads. Just like all other Torrent9 alternatives, content on LimeTorrents is organizing into different sections. Such as movies, games, music, anime, TV shows, and software as well.

One benefit of this tracker is the excellent user experience provided by the simple, organized layout. New, famous releases also enjoy lots of seeders and fast speeds. But, older torrents are mostly forgotten. This is not a problem of the site itself, however, I recommend using it as a backup plan instead of a first choice because of this inconsistency.

Why You guys Can’t Access Some Torrent Sites | torrent9 alternatives

ISPs across the globe face governmental pressure in order to block torrenting sites. In an effort to stop illegal torrenting, governments avoid thousands of users to access otherwise safe and legal P2P platforms actually. Well, In most of the cases, legal agencies have even managed to shut down P2P sites permanently such as TorrentProject and ExtraTorrent.

Well, you don’t need to be surprised if one day you suddenly can’t access your favorite torrent site and need alternative sites. However, there’s more. In many cases, popular torrent sites are blocked in certain countries. Google has taken SOME steps to avoid users accessing many torrent sites through blocking them from search results actually. The Chrome Adblock extension has also been known in order to block torrent trackers.

Why Do You Need a VPN for Torrenting? | torrent9 alternatives

Most of the torrent sites explicitly warn you to use a VPN before downloading anything and there is also a good reason for that. Even the most reputable torrent sites and clients come along with inherent dangers. It’s really easy for cybercriminals in order to steal your IP address, monitor your connection, and also even upload malware-infected torrents. VPNs use encryption and IP masking in order to hide your browsing activity, location, and personal data from hackers as well.

Relying on where you live, torrenting may be illegal. If you guys do not take precautions, the outcomes of downloading torrents can be really severe. From copyright infringement notices in your mailbox to hefty fines, arrests, and also even the threat of jail time.

If you guys are lucky enough to live in a country where torrenting is allowed, then you may still encounter some issues. Namely, your ISP may intentionally throttle your bandwidth when it detects heavy data usage actually. This can actually slow your connection down to a snail’s pace, which makes it extremely frustrating in order to download torrents. Especially when all you want to do is watch your favorite movie actually.

If torrenting is blocked in your country, then a VPN can bypass those blocks when protecting your anonymity. I actually recommend you NordVPN for its excellent security, fast connections, and also unlimited P2P traffic on thousands of servers.


Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you guys like this “torrent9 alternatives” article and also find it helpful to you. Give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries and issues related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

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