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Twitter Desktop Client for Windows and Mac

Twitter’s become a bit less hospitable to third-party clients in recent years. But it’s still possible to find some great third-party desktop clients. That helps you to browse your favorite social network with ease. Though all third-party apps have to deal with limitations on adding many features and only allowing a specific number of tokens per application for each user, third-party clients are far from dead. However, most users will probably rely on the basic website for their desktop or laptop browsing habits. Both Windows and macOS have two great applications that are worth checking out, loaded with features, brand new settings, and fantastic designs. Let’s talk about Twitter Desktop Client for Windows and Mac

TweetBot for MacOS

Well, on macOS, it is impossible to find a better desktop client than Tweetbot. Although the price of entry is kind of steep at $9.99. We have found the app to be more than worth the money for its design, functionality, and multiple account support. Tweetbot is an entirely inconspicuous app on macOS. It can be as active or inactive as you’d such as, with settings for half-screen mode, full-screen mode, or background mode. The Tweetbot icon shows up in your Mac’s menu bar at the top of your screen. That means the app can stay in the foreground or background exactly as often as you need. Let us take a look at this award-winning app for macOS.

Design-wise, Tweetbot is one of a kind, combining the design language of Twitter—whites (or blacks, in dark mode), blues, gray, round icons, a fluid reverse-chronological timeline. Along with what we have seen on macOS in recent years. The app supports Retina displays, meaning all your text, photos, and icons look sharp on even the newest MacBook Pros. All of your settings, tabs, and options are moved to the far-left in a vertical line. That make it easy to check your mentions, messages, trending topics, likes, and more. As you expand and explore throughout the app, your content will open in separate windows to the right of your main timeline, making it easy to view your mentions or replies without navigating away from your timeline or your content. Your saved searches, lists, DM’s. All of it is moved into their own window, making it easy to control how your experience feels.


In terms of features, Tweetbot is fully packed to the gills with options. One of our favorite features is support for multiple accounts, a must-have if you do any kind of social media management for companies, brands, or accounts that are outside of your own personal account. It is easy to switch back and forth between these two accounts just by tapping on your personal avatar in the top-left corner of your display. That make it easy to switch, read, and post from other accounts. It is one of the main reasons to grab Tweetbot—the account management is so solid. That it is impossible not to fall in love with the app as you use it.

Further about Twitter Desktop Client

One of the best options added into Tweetbot is mute support. That allows you to set up and allow muting on specific key phrases, words, and users that you do not want to see. You can mute for a temporary time or forever, and it is easy to keep that stuff out of your field of view. Hate the divide caused by our current political landscape? Set up a filter with your least favorite political hashtags and users! Cannot stand entertainment drama? Block any Kardashian you can learn the name of long enough to enter into a textbox within Tweetbot. Not at home to watch the Oscars and don’t want to see your feed hijacked by commentary and film-based quips? Not a problem—Tweetbot can block all of this stuff long enough to keep you in the dark and keep your timeline clean and clear.

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