User Guide on How to Make Your Own Ringtones


Make Your Own Ringtones: In past years, users who like custom ringtones had to pay for them. However, purchasing a new tune often came with a secret subscription somewhere in the fine print. As it charges users much more than they bargained for.

Thankfully, all that happens is in the past. However, modern phones are more than capable of supporting custom tunes. These tunes include home-made ones. Well, having whatever is at the top of the charts as a ring melody is just fine. While creating a custom tone is much more personal and unique. Also, it’s quite easier than you think. Here are some steps on how to create your own ringtone for your phone!

For Mac users:

The simplest way for Mac users to create custom melodies is to use the program GarageBand. With it, you can also create whatever melody you would like. However, you can also set the length of your melody. Also, the position within the song, etc, it’s the perfect tool for creating your ringtone. You can also select your favorite part of a song if you want and the complete product can be sent straight to your iTunes.

While having an Android phone, you can still use GarageBand. However, instead of sending your melody to iTunes, you can also export it as an MP3 file. This MP3 file you can send straight to your phone to use it as a ringtone.

All You Need To Know:

iPhones use M4A as the file format for ringtones. Also, MP3 is used for Android. That’s the reason you have to ex/import the files in the right format, depending on your mobile phone.

For Windows users:

The free software Fried Cookie’s Ringtone Maker is the best tool for making ringtones. It enables you to convert any song you like into different ringtone formats. It’s a one-fits-all solution. However, the program can also export music to all important file formats, whether it’s for an iPhone, Android or something else entirely.

It’s simple to use the program, but if it doesn’t agree with you. However, you can also use other software like Audacity (with the extension LAME).


Here’s all about “Make Your Own Ringtones”. For further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below!

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