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User Guide On How to Save Maps Offline

In the mobile app, Google Maps have an option to save maps offline. If you’re ever traveling to someplace where you have poor or no internet connection. These offline maps can easily be accessible. But make sure the same feature is not available on the desktop. If you like to save maps from Google Maps offline on your desktop, then you have limited choices. There are two ways to save maps from Google Maps offline.


You can take a screenshot of Google Maps. However, the web app can’t block screenshots and you can zoom in, out whenever you want to include the area as is required. The limitation using this is that when you take the screenshot. Also, you can’t ‘zoom in or out’ and get extra details for the map.

Map Puzzle

It is also an app that can take screenshots of Google Maps. You just enter the longitude and latitude of a location also the zoom level. Once done it’ll take care of the rest. It’s good to capture a screenshot as the image it saves will not have any Google Maps UI elements on the map. Also, you can install various different areas at once.

As a result of an image that you won’t be able to zoom in and get more information for a location.

Install Map Puzzle and run it. You just need to know the longitude and latitude values for a location. Simply visit Google Maps and copy them from the URL bar.

Move to Map Puzzle and choose which mapping service you like to download maps from. The app supports some of them. After selecting the service, input the longitude and latitude value. Don’t modify the zoom value yet. Just tap the Preview button to view how much of the area is going to be taken. If you want to take zoomed in too much, simply modify the zoom value by one, and generate a fresh preview.

To install several maps at once. Just move to the app’s Bulk Download tab and input the longitude and latitude for each area you like to download.

The map that takes the time to download depends on the type of map you’re downloading. However, if you don’t go for the satellite image maps, the images may be lighter and will download much faster. You can also modify the size of the image you get so if you go for a larger image size, the download will take some time.


Here’s all about “Save maps offline on Windows 10“. Have you ever try to save maps offline? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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