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User Guide To Downgrade Windows 10 Enterprise To Pro Edition

Downgrade Windows 10 Enterprise To Pro Edition

If you want to downgrade Windows 10 enterprise to pro edition then you are in the right place. Usually, corporate networks used Enterprise editions. In case if you’re not a part of any organizational network and you would like to move back to your Enterprise edition to Pro. Then this guide will help you with that. Maybe there are lots of other reasons due to which you downgrade Enterprise into Pro edition like telemetry, activation method, etc.

But the best thing is that you can easily convert your Enterprise edition into Pro without reinstalling the whole OS and without losing your confidential data. This might be possible because the Enterprise or Pro edition is installed from the same various edition Windows 10 ISO file. However, the ISO file-based installation allows users to download or move to any edition of choice they want.

So in this guide, we’ll just use the Pro edition generic product key and then move back to Pro from Enterprise. As you’ve earlier upgraded from the activated Pro edition, your PC will automatically be activated whenever you switch to Pro. But if you are moving to Pro edition from Enterprise you can then additionally activate Pro edition using its unique license key.

Follow the instructions given below steps to convert or downgrade your Windows 10 Enterprise to Pro edition.

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Steps To Downgrade Windows 10 Enterprise To Pro Edition

  • Head over to Windows 10 Enterprise. Then move to Settings app > Update & security > Activation. From the right pane of this window, simply tap the Change product key.
  • Head over to Activate Windows prompt, tap Activate button.
  • Suppose you’ve earlier upgraded from activated Windows 10 Pro to Enterprise edition for few seconds Then you’ll get a message of ‘We’ve activated this copy of Windows’. Tap Close.
  • Now you can confirm or check the Edition, as it should be pointing towards Windows 10 Pro.
  • Through this way, you can easily downgrade Windows 10 Enterprise edition to Pro edition.


I hope you can now understand how to downgrade Windows 10 enterprise to Pro edition. If the steps prove to be useful then share them with your friends and help them. For further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to share your feedback with us!

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