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What Happens When You Block Someone On TikTok

Block Someone On TikTok

TikTok is a really great place to flaunt your creativity and socialize. The app has a huge user base of up to 500 million users! However, with TikTok fame comes the trolls. Luckily TikTok also lets you block accounts that you guys do not want to interact with. In this article, we will also cover what happens when you block someone on TikTok. In this article, we are going to talk about What Happens When You Block Someone On TikTok. Let’s begin!

Why you may have to block anyone on TikTok?

The block function on TikTok is really useful. It also lets you stop an account from interacting with you guys. This is a great way in order to shut down trolls or random commenters on your posts. Plus, if you want to keep your posts public, however, want to hide it from certain accounts, you can do that via blocking them!

What Happens When You Block Someone On TikTok

Whenever you guys block an account on TikTok, you will immediately get a notification that the user can no longer message you actually. The account will also be added to your blocked list. This also means they can no longer send you messages. In fact, whenever you block an account they cannot look up your profile at all.

If the user types your account name into the search bar, then they will not receive any hits. The blocked user cannot view any of the content posted on your account, also even if it is public or not. If they commented on a video of yours, and also use the notification in order to visit the video. They will be met along with a message that says ‘You cannot view this user’s videos because of their privacy settings.

Plus, they will not be able to message you. So there is also no way for the blocked account in order to contact you once you block them

Will they be notified when you block them?

No, TikTok does not notify the user when you guys block them. They will immediately be added to your blocked list on the app as well. If you unblock the user at a later point though, then you will have to add them back as a Friend.

How to find out if you have been blocked on TikTok?

As mentioned above, TikTok does not really notify the user when they are blocked. But, there are a few ways that you guys can tell that you have been blocked on the app.

1. Search for the user

Try to search for the user in the discover section. You will have to input the complete user name. If the search does not come up along with the account, then chances are they have blocked you as well.

2. Look for comment notification

If you guys commented on their post, then look for a notification about the same. Tap on the notification to be directed to the post. If you guys cannot view the post and receive a notification saying ‘You cannot view this user’s videos because of their privacy settings’, that means you have been blocked.

3. Check your followers list

Finally, the best way to find out if you have been blocked is basically to check your Followers list. You have to search for the profile in your Followers list. If they do not appear, then it could mean that they have blocked you.

Can a blocked user still contact you on TikTok?

No. when you block an account, then there is no way for that user to contact you on the app. The only way they can contact you is through using another app. Blocking a user removes their ability to message you, then comment on your posts, or even see your profile altogether.

Can a blocked user view your comments?

No, when you block a user they can no longer see your comments and likes on other videos as well. This works the other way around as well. You guys will no longer be able to see their comments and likes. If you unblock them at some point, then you will be able to view past comments on videos as well.


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