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What is Pink Whale Challenge and its List of Challenges

Pink Whale Challenge

Well, as if 2020 could not get worse, new reports have also been popping up about the deadly suicide game ‘Blue Whale Challenge. Amid this morose climate, actually, a ray of hope shines via in the form of the Pink Whale challenge. The internet has now come together in solidarity in order to produce an ‘anti-Blue Whale challenge’ if you will. In this article, we are going to talk about What is Pink Whale Challenge and its List of Challenges. Let’s begin!

However, what is this new ‘Pink Whale Challenge’ and also how does it compare to the treacherous Blue Whale Challenge? Well, that’s what we actually are here to tell you about.

What is Pink Whale Challenge and its List of Challenges

The Pink Whale Challenge was basically created back in 2017. It basically follows the exact opposite idea that was perpetrated through the Blue Whale Challenge. The Pink Whale Challenge is basically an internet dare game, however, not like most out there. This game dares folks to love and respect themselves.

However, it also encourages helping and loving others as well, the game’s goal is actually to get people to start loving themselves. In the era of Photoshop and Instagram, where everything and everyone actually has to look perfect at all times. The Pink Whale Challenge encourages folks to see the beauty in the natural and normal. It is also helping people normalize self-care and boosting self-worth as well.

The Pink Whale Challenge is basically a list of tasks that the player must do over a span of 50 days. Each and every challenge must be finished via the end of the day, in order to make way for the next. However, there seem to be a lot of variations of the game circulating online, and also they all seem to have more or less of the same challenges.

Pink Whale Challenge vs Blue Whale Challenge

The Blue Whale Challenge basically originated in China in 2013 and soon rose in popularity. so over the past seven years, the game also has seen rises and dips in its popularity. Blue Whale Challenge is actually a form of cyberbullying, in which a ‘curator’ spells out tasks for teenagers in order to follow. The tasks mostly involve self-harm and ‘defeating fear’.

There are 50 tasks that the challenge entails basically. The last task is the one where you take your own life actually. The Blue Whale Challenge portrays itself just like a way for teens in order to ‘defeat fear’ with a list of challenges. The challenges start off slow, such as watching scary videos at three in the morning or also visiting a graveyard at midnight. But quite soon, these escalate to physical harm. Some reports also state that the challenges also include harming members of the victim’s family as well. The most iconic challenge is actually the one where the victim has to care a blue whale into their skin with a sharp object.

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As opposed to this, the Pink Whale Challenge basically attempts in order to spread love and healing. Where the Blue Whale Challenge sought in order to bring self-harm, the Pink Whale Challenge encourages self-love as well as love and support for many others. In keeping along with the trend of challenges, the Pink Whale Challenge also has the player complete a list of 50 tasks too.

But, these tasks are nothing like those of their alter ego. The tasks encourage players in order to look at themselves differently. You can find what they like about themselves and be happy with what they have.

Why the world needs Pink Whale Challenge

Well, in order to put it lightly, the world is messed up right now. The only thing on everyone’s mind is actually the pandemic. Starting off at the beginning of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic swept across countries such as wildfire. Hundreds of thousands have lost their lives, and families have been torn apart as well.

Plus, the society that we live in has gotten so obsessed along with perfection. That we no longer care who we actually are; we also just want to look perfect all the time. However, apps such as Instagram are a fun way to socialize. They are a constant reminder of what you are not as well. Each and every image you see is hidden behind a filter, and every smile you see is posed. We have also lost our individuality in the search for acceptance.

In the midst of all this turmoil, and the worst stain on humanity is actually the creation of the suicide game ‘Blue Whale Challenge. A game that entices teenagers in order to end their life is basically a sad reflection of the state that humanity has reached.

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However, at its worst shine the beams of hope. The year 2020 has already had to deal with racism as well. However, from that was reborn the Black Lives Matter movement. This time it is stronger than it has ever been and we also hope it echoes change for the future.

Just like that, to combat the terrible Blue Whale Challenge, an app designer in Brazil came up along with the concept of the Pink Whale Challenge. The idea is basically to show the world that the internet can also be used in order to spread love and healing. We have this really vast network in the palm of our hands, so why not use it in order to spread love and caring.

The Pink Whale Challenge depends on the participation of as many folks as it can get. The more people talk about it, and the stronger it gets. We actually need the Pink Whale Challenge now more than ever.

Pink Whale Challenge list of tasks

Well, what challenges does the Pink Whale Challenge entail? While it started off as a mailing list that folks subscribed to, and that is no longer functional. Rather, there is a list of tasks that you must follow. Each and every task should be completed via the end of the day. There is no compulsion in order to post proof of your completion of the tasks. However, you can get your friends in order to do the challenge along with you and share your progress with each other.

Have a look at the list of challenges for the Pink Whale Challenge. They have been translated from the original that is actually in Portuguese.

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Day Challenge
Day 1 Write “I am beautiful” on your hand.
Day 2 Think about yourself, your friends, and your family.
Day 3 Listen to some relaxing music and go to bed early.
Day 4 Take a bubble bath and play with the bubbles.
Day 5 Draw a heart on your hand if you think your life is worth it. If not, “punish” yourself by going to bed early.
Day 6 Watch satisfying/relaxing videos.
Day 7 Do something that makes you happy.
Day 8 Have some dessert after a meal.
Day 9 Spend an hour outside watching the clouds
Day 10 Write “I am worth it” on a piece of paper until you believe it.
Day 11 Stay up late doing whatever you want — eating, drawing, watching movies, etc.
Day 12 Smile at yourself and make silly faces in a mirror.
Day 13 Give somebody a good, long hug.
Day 14 Go to the mall or online shop (you don’t need to buy anything).
Day 15 Wake up early to watch the sunrise.
Day 16 Do your best in everything you do.
Day 17 Tell your family members you love them and give them a hug.
Day 18 Doodle hearts on your hand or on paper.
Day 19 Spend time with friends or family and take some time to meditate.
Day 20 – 49 Repeat previous days and be kind to yourself and others.
 Day 50 Look in the mirror. Think about the past months. Look at how your life is worth it. Suicide is not the answer. You are loved. You have completed the Pink Whale Challenge.


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