Best apps to quickly access Andriod apps on your phone from anywhere


In the course of the last recent decade, the whole cell phone network has experienced an erratic movement. Quickly access apps on our smartphones have gone from being a significant assistant to a bit of development we can’t just manage. In addition to the fact that we use our telephones to stay in contact with the individuals, we care about however we likewise use them to monitor our day by day lives, to keep all of the important data directly readily available.

Most cell phone devotees are consistently watchful for the freshest developments, applications that can take their advanced educational experience a score above. In this way, they continue downloading the drifting apps, growing their application cabinet each other day.

At knowing the past, that indeed doesn’t appear too huge an arrangement, however honestly, it confounds the cell phone involvement as opposed to rearranging it. Because of a more important library, it will presently set aside more effort to get to our ideal applications, and gratitude to our horrendously low ability to focus, we probably won’t get around to get to it.

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Luckily, application engineers have by and by come through and attempted to address the issue in an ideal manner. What’s more, in this fragment, we have tried to select the best three utility applications that will spare you valuable time and keep your most loved applications only a few swipes away.

1. Swiftly Switch

This smart little application is one of the most beneficial uses on the Play Store. It offers a gliding sidebar, which upon a quick drag, ventures into a half-round application cabinet. Of course, the circle includes your ongoing applications, while outside the hover, there are speedy access accessible routes to the last utilized use, back, notice board, and a top picks lattice.


The best part, in any case, isn’t the way that it doesn’t spring up undesirable promotions occasionally. However, it is its practically interminable customisability that captures everyone’s attention. It will solicit a pack from availability authorizations before beginning. Thus, you would be somewhat persistent before appreciating Swiftly Switch in the entirety of its brilliance.

Download: Swiftly Switch

2. Edge Action

While Swiftly, Swift puts money on its keen motions and customisability, Edge Screen here keeps things straightforward and cleans up your telephone in a productive manner. Samsung hasn’t generally gotten the credit it merits for making the “Edge Panel” standard. Indeed, there is a degree for development, yet the Edge Panel has affected a lot of designers in the market.

This item from Edge Action Studio is an Edge Panel copy. It, be that as it may, handles significantly superior to its dream. Aside from the standard application, speedy settings, and contacts alternate ways, it additionally offers devoted boards for

  • music
  • program tabs
  • virtual keys
  • home, back
  • screen recording, control
  • schedule, number cruncher
  • compass

Download: Edge Action

3. FooView

The last yet assuredly not the least, FooView is the essential item in this section and deservedly so. Like the two above, it requests your consent to draw over different applications. Not surprisingly, a lot of other availability endorsements. Be that as it may, dissimilar to the following two forms on this rundown. Which utilize a coasting sidebar, FooView offers a moderate round-catch arrangement. After holding the coasting catch, it will spring up a secure routes cabinet, containing a blend of framework errands/applications.

  • Fullscreen
  • captures, screen recording,
  • settings and Gallery
  • a utilized client introduced applications.

FooView likewise offers an extensive record director, numerous internet searcher support, particular screen capture catch, and interpretation on the fly. Out of the three applications recorded here. FooView is the most unique and flexible. There is a reason to absorb information included. The organization, by and by, has dealt with this “issue” by adding a demo video, which will get you straight up to speed instantly.

Download: Forview


We can conclude that these apps are best for accessing any app from Android. User can easily access there more constantly used apps easily. As these apps are easily available. user can easily download them and install them on their andrriod phones.  And can easily access there main apps.

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