Best ePub Readers for Windows

The EPUB is a popular e-book format. Moistly E-book readers support EPUB format by default. So the question is, how to read ePubs when you are using a Windows computer and which ePub reader to download? Let’s find out.

ePub Readers for Windows

Our guide is for Windows computer owners who are looking to read ePubs on their laptop or computer and looking for some amazing tools with mean features. While there is no shortage of ePub readers for Windows. Each one is different in some ways or the other. Whether you want a browser plugin or downloadable software, I’ve something for you.

Note: Some EPUB files are DRM-protected, meaning they can only be opened in particular devices/apps they come with. So, if you don’t wat to open ePubs using the following software, you might want to check them for DRM.

Read ePub Files In Microsoft Edge (Windows 10)

IF Windows 10 using the newly Edge browser, Microsoft offers a built-in solution for reading ePub files – from Windows 10 Creators Update. These are the named Books works inside the Edge browser and comes with a marketplace.


The best thing is that you don’t have to download any extra files and it comes with some basic functions like bookmark and search. The bad thing is that it lacks a lot of other features like annotations and highlights which should have been part of the package. Make sure it’ll only support DRM-free ePub files.

Adobe Digital Solutions

Adobe is used for creating solutions that enable its developers and users to work with documents. It has an ePub reader available for free. It also supports ePub 3 which allows users to enjoy the reading experience. ePub 3 was built for that.


The pictures are resized dynamically so that there is no loss in quality. I show all the regular features there like bookmarks, notes, highlighting, and bookshelves. But the search feature helped me organize my entire collection neatly also find titles easily.

You can also borrow and rent books to your friends using Adobe Digital Editions and your local libraries. This makes more books accessible to you.

Download: Adobe Digital Solutions


Readium is a Chrome Extension based on ReadiumJS – an open-source initiative. It was designed for reading ePubs online right in your Chrome browser. This is useful when you come across an ePub on the web and don’t want to download the file to your computer. Not only this but if you’ve ePubs sitting on your system, you can use Readium to read those too. This makes Readium is a good online ePub reader solution for Windows users.


You can customize the color and font size and also change background color depending on whether you are reading during the daytime or at night.

Download: Readium

Neat Reader

Neat Reader is another cross-platform browser that enabled the advanced ePub reader to save all your ePubs in the cloud. Now, you can access them on any browser on any Windows computer. It works on other operating systems like Mac and Linux too.


Some common features like font type, size, color, and background are all there. You can also bookmark and make notes which can be helpful for reading reports. You can choose single or double pages depending on your reading preference.

Its free version allows you to manage up to three books and make 5 notes in each book. You can get a premium version of $19.99 which gives you sync, cloud storage, and premium customer support.

Download: Neat Reader (Freemium)


Bibliovore comes from the house of Microsoft itself. It is an eBook reader and manager that integrates with Microsoft’s OneDrive to provide cloud storage and sync. The software is free to download and use.

It comes with bookmarks, reading modes, annotations, font management, and themes. It allows me to download ePubs from online libraries directly, just like Adobe did.


Available for: Windows 8.1 and Windows 7.

Bibliovore’s allowed me to edit the metadata and organize my entire collection within minutes

Download: Bibliovore


There is nothing quite like but the best feeling when reading physical books. The feel and the smell of paper in our hands make you feel like you are part of the adventure. Bookviser wants to make you feel that once again.


The UI gives you the impression that you are reading a physical book instead of an ePub. There are many ways you can change the UI depending on whether you want the physical book feel or the digital one.

Download: Bookviser (Free)


Barnes & Noble was the biggest name in the book reading and they launched the Nook.


Like other ePub readers, Nook offers fonts, backgrounds, themes, bookmarks, an online marketplace, sync, and access to many classics. Nook is cross-platform enabled.

Download: Nook (Free)



Kobo offers a number of handheld devices in different formats, designs, and apps for different platforms including Windows to read Epub books. It also offers:

  • The ability to track progress
  • Sync across devices and apps
  • Bookmarks
  • Much more

Download: Kobo (Free)


Caliber is the most powerful ePub tool that you could have installed on your Windows. Many eReaders with some features, Calibre is more than that.


You can use Calibre to not only read ePubs but create them too. It is one of the tools of writers across the world. You can also use Calibre to convert eBooks from one format to another.

You can use Calibre to convert epub to mobi and transfer it directly to Kindle from within the dashboard. It handles any format you throw at it.

Download: Calibre (Free)

Beetle Reader

Last but not least is the Beatle Reader. It is a new name in the ePub market where giants like Calibre and Adobe are operating. The interesting thing is that no need to download and install anything.


It supports a multi-page layout to give you that book feeling. You can expect other regular features like notes, bookmarks, annotations and search in there.

Beetle Reader is a business offering for those who want their readers to read on their branded eReaders. It also supports audio and video content which makes it a unique offering.

Download: Beetle Reader (Free)


There are few ePub readers to choose from and depending on your needs, we have something just for you. But if you want to read ePubs and eBooks online, in the browser, Readium is a cool Chrome extension.

Which one is the most powerful and light-weight ePub reader? Let us know in the comment section below!

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