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How to wirelessly charge Samsung Galaxy S8/ Note 8

If you want to charge your Samsung Galaxy S8/ Note 8 wirelessly, go on reading this article. We will tell you about the Samsung Galaxy S8/ Note 8 wireless charging.

Samsung Galaxy S8/ Note 8 wireless charging

Choosing the Right Case

Samsung Galaxy S8/ Note 8 has the feature of wireless charging built in it. So there is no need to buy a wireless charging case for that purpose. But if you buy a very thick case for your phone. It will hinder the wireless charging. So, for the wireless charging of Samsung Galaxy S8/ Note 8, you need to choose a suitable case.

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What does Wireless Charging Require?

To charge Samsung Galaxy S8 or Note 8 wirelessly, you need to purchase a Qi/WPC or PMA charging pad. Since both Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8 support the Qi and PMA wireless charging standards.

qi wireless charger

There are many wireless charging pads of different brands available in the market. However, Samsung recommends its users to get a charging pad of its own brand. As using the charging pad of some other brand might affect the speed and performance of Samsung Galaxy S8 / Note 8. A wireless charging pad of Samsung is available in the market that is Qi compatible and it works fine.

This article is regarding Samsung Galaxy Note8 model SM-N950.

So for wireless charging of your Samsung Galaxy S8 / Note 8, get the charging pad first. Then plug it in with the power cable given with the phone. Now place your phone right in the center of the charging pad. And there you go.

I hope this article helped you in charging your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 wirelessly. If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to write in the comments section. Best of luck!

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