How To Capture Live Photos In FaceTime On macOS


Have you ever tried to Capture Live Photos in FaceTime on macOS? Live images can be taken on a Mac. There’s a camera app built-in macOS that can be used to take or capture them. But, you can also capture live images in FaceTime. The image will be captured by whoever is calling you and you will not be in them. Let’s take a look at how to capture live images in FaceTime.

Live Photos in FaceTime

Head over to FaceTime and move to the app’s preferences. Visit the Settings app and turn on the ‘Allow Live Photos to be taken during video calls’ choice.

Once you’ve turned on live photos, you can begin a call. It’s the best idea to enable whoever you’re talking to know that you have live images turned on and that you plan on capturing images during the conversation. Once the call is live, tap the shutter button when you like to capture a photo. That’s all you want to do. When a live photo is taken, you will view an alert on FaceTime telling you that a live photo has been taken.

If you want to access the live photos you just captured. Simply open the Photos app and choose ‘Recent’ from the right column. The images appear here and they will have the ‘Live’ tab located at the top left. It’s the best idea to sort them right away as they can’t be easy to find later.

Live Photos is one of Apple’s latest features. However, if you want to take them, you want to be executing a fairly recent model of macOS, and your MacBook or Mac should not be too old.

You can also share these live photos with other users of iOS or macOS. However, they will be able to play them. While sharing with users who don’t use an Apple device, you will have to change them to a video or GIF.

Why did you can’t capture photos in FaceTime?

You can’t capture still images in FaceTime. If you turn off live photos in FaceTime, you will then view the shutter button. But tapping it will only display you a prompt saying Live Photos are turned off and you will have to turn on them to take photos. This is quite considering capturing still photos is quite easy enough requirement that the Camera app on iOS has. You can capture photos while recording a video and it’s pretty essential. If you want to capture a still photo during a FaceTime call. Simply try using the built-in screenshot tool but again, remember you tell the other person that you’re capturing images.


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