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How To Download Framaroot Apk – Root/Unroot Android

Framaroot apk is one of those best Android apps which lets you root your mobile device smartphone without using a desktop PC. However, the good thing about Framaroot Apk is that it is compatible with all Android devices.

Framaroot APK Download New Variant Version (Root/Unroot Android)

Android users know the fact that Android rooting is slowly becoming a trend that lots of users want to follow. Android rooting is the process of letting users of mobile phones and tablets get full authority or control within Android’s OS.

In other words, when users root their mobile device, it allows them to act as the administrator of the device. Actually, a rooted Android device grants many advantages to the users as it lets a user control the Android OS to its core.

Framaroot Apk

However, keep in mind that Android rooting also comes with many cons like you will void your mobile warranty. Also, your phone might get into hard brick or soft brick. It also lets users underclock or overclock processors which can lead to overheating.

Whatever the reason, Android users still select to root their mobiles after rooting. However, users get full control over their mobiles where they can modify boot images, enjoy various mods, etc.

Here in this guide, we are going to list some amazing Android app called Framaroot Apk. The app basically lets users root their mobile devices within a few seconds. So, let’s discover more about the Framaroot Android app.

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What Do You Know About Framaroot Apk?

Well, the trend of rooting mobile devices is increasing day by day. If we take a look at the marketplace, we will search for lots of Android apps that claim to root your mobile in no-time. However, lots of apps available on online portals are fake and does nothing.

However, Framaroot Apk is an amazing Android app that lets you root your mobile device without using a desktop PC. The thing I like about Framaroot Apk is that it is compatible with almost all Android devices. The app is being examined on various mobile devices and recorded a success rate of over 90%.

You will find lots of one-click root applications in the marketplace, but, Framaroot Apk is no doubt the best one to root your mobile or tablet.

Notable Features

Now that you know about Framaroot Apk, now take a deep look at some of its features. Rather than just serving as a root app, Framaroot Apk actually houses many other benefits that take it one step further from its competitors.

  • One-Click Root

Framaroot is also called a one-click rooting app. Framaroot basically lets a user root their mobile devices simply by tapping any of the exploits listed in the app.

  • Root Without PC

Lots of rooting apps available on the marketplace ask users to attach their Android to the PC. However, Framaroot Apk doesn’t want a desktop PC to allow you root privileges

  • Install SuperSU

SuperSU is the best Android app that is designed to grant permissions to mobile apps. However, SuperSU wants root access. Framaroot lets you get SuperSU without using any additional app.

  • Easy Unroot

If you are not comfortable with your rooted Android smartphone, Framaroot Apk offers users an option to unroot their mobile device. You don’t want to move through some additional steps to unroot your mobile.

These are the four notable features of the Framaroot App. Rather than from the listed feature, the app also comes with a user-friendly or clean design and consumes a minimum amount of RAM.

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How To Download Framaroot Apk On Android

Framaroot Apk On Android

Well, if you are trying to root your mobile, this article is going to help you a lot. Using Framaroot Apk, you can also root your mobile device within a few taps. It becomes the most trustworthy apps to root your mobile. Come let’s check how to use Framaroot Apk to root your mobile device.

  • Initially head over to Apkmirror and look for “Framaroot Apk”.
  • After installing the app on your mobile, you want to turn on the Unknown sources. For that, move to the Settings > Security > Unknown sources and turn it on.
  • Then browse to the location where you have stored Framaroot Apk and then normally install it.
  • After you successfully installed it, head over to the app and you will then view the screen. Here you need to choose Install SuperSu from the drop-down menu.
  • Now you need to tap on any exploit and wait for a while until your device is rooted. Once rooted, you will receive a popup about the status.

That’s all about it, you are done! This is how you can use Framaroot Apk to root your mobile device. Framaroot offers one of the simplest methods to root your mobile.

Steps To Unroot Your Android

As we already mentioned above in the guide, Framaroot can also be used to unroot your mobile smartphone too! Unrooting your mobile through Framaroot Apk is a simple process. You simply follow some simple instructions mentioned below.

  • Head over to Framaroot and then choose ‘Unroot’ from the drop-down list.
  •  Now you want to select the exploit which rooted your mobile and wait a while to unroot.

That’s all, you are done!


I hope you can understand how you can use Framaroot to unroot your rooted mobile. If you are facing any issues at any of the given steps, then let us know in the comment section below!

One of the major reasons why everyone loves Framaroot that it supports almost every mobile and it lets users root their mobile with just a single tap. So, what are your views about Framaroot Apk? Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below.

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