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How To Download YouTube Video Without Any Software or App

Do you want to download a youtube video without any software? Many people are wondering to download a video from YouTube without any software. Google can’t implement any official download option to secure copyrighted videos. However, in this article, you’ll learn how to bypass that restriction and download any video you want. Here is how to:

Download Video without using any software or website:

Download YouTube Video Without Any Software or App

Here are some ways to download video from youtube:

Step 1:

Head over to the video on YouTube you want to download

Step 2:

Keep in mind before the ‘YouTube’ but after the ‘www.’ Add ‘ss’

Step 3:

Then tap enter which will redirect you to ‘’

Step 4:

Select the format link and the download will start is a free to use site that allows you to download directly from YouTube and also other compatible sites including Facebook, Vimeo, and Daily Motion. You don’t want any extensions or other downloads and it’s easy or simple enough for everyone to use in just 4 easy steps.

Another option is to follow the above steps but rather than of ‘ss’ add ‘kiss’, again you can select the video format you want to download in and continue with your download in just a few taps. On the other hand, you can use ‘DownloadHelper’ which is a Firefox add on. Simply mark the box with one tap and away you go.

Use third-party sites to download videos:

Download YouTube Video

You can also use a download site that does the same thing if you are not comfortable with changing the URL of YouTube. If you wnat to use it follow the instructions below:

Step 1:

Initially, copy the URL of the video you wish to download.

Step 2:

Then paste Ctrl+V the URL into the sites bar.

Step 3:

Then pick the quality of the video.

Step 4:

Then hit catch or use the quick download button located at the top of the page

Other websites that do the same thing include:


SaveClipBro lets users download videos from YouTube and other streaming platforms.

  • You can download YouTube videos in 11 different video formats
  • Save YouTube videos as 9 audio formats
  • Video resolution option

Instruction to Download YouTube videos with saveclipbro.

Step 1:

Head over to

Step 2:

Then Ctrl+V the YouTube video URL into saveclipbro

Step 3:

Then choose video resolution and output, then tap “Convert”

Step 4:

When the conversion finishes, tap “Download your files”

Step 5:

Then save the YouTube video to your PC


The video quality of some YouTube videos that downloaded online is not so good, but you are lucky to have ddownr. It lets users download videos in HD quality, including 4k and 8k:

  • You can download YouTube videos in 2 different video formats
  • Also, save as 3 audio formats
  • Output high-quality videos

Instruction to Download YouTube Videos with ddownr:

Step 1:

Head over to

Step 2:

Ctrl+V the YouTube video URL into ddownr.

Step 3:

Then tap “Download” to select output and video resolution

Step 4:

Once done, simply save the YouTube video to your PC.

Does Google Extensions or add-ons Help to Download YouTube Videos?

Google Extensions

An alternative method to download YouTube videos without any software is installing add-ons or Google extensions. However, the reality is, Google Chrome can’t permit any extensions to download from YouTube website. After all, YouTube is also part of Google services, users who wish to enjoy unlimited YouTube services want to pay for the Premium.

And according to my experiment, the extension can be added to Google Chrome, there will be an error message highlighting YouTube videos are not allowed for downloading, also there is no YouTube video found.

Also, I tried to add a few add-ons into Firefox or Opera:


Download YouTube Videos as an MP4 click here to start:

Step 1:

Initially, download the extension by tapping the green download button.

Step 2:

Then use the green download button that you view on YouTube when you choose a video

Step 3:

Then tap to download and choose the format


At last, you can watch the videos after downloading use VLC, Windows media player or Quicktime & iTunes.


YouTube Downloader click here to start:

Step 1:

Initially, tap to download to install the add on.

Step 2:

Then head over to your required YouTube Video.

Step 3:

Also, choose the download button that will now appear.

Step 4:

Then choose your required format and continue.

Here’s also a table that helps you to download youtube videos:

No. Extensions Work or Not
1 YouTube Downloader by al3k_popov Cannot add to Firefox
2 YouTube Downloader Web Development Studio Can add to Firefox, but only with a spinning circle, cannot download
3 Youtube Downloader by Youtube Downloader Addon Can add to Firefox and check youtube videos, but can’t download successfully
4 YouTube Download Button by YouTube Downloader Can add to Firefox but don’t work
5 YouTube Downloader by YouTube Addons Can add to Firefox but can’t download videos
6 Youtube Downloader by Cannot add to Firefox
7 HD Youtube Downloader by Sam Can add to Firefox but cannot download successfully
8 YouTube™ Downloader Lite by Scott Can add to Firefox but cannot download successfully
9 Easy Youtube Video Downloader Express by Dishita Cannot add to Firefox
10 YouTube Download Plusby uepselon Cannot add to Firefox

So, it not easier to download your favorite music, tutorial, and sort of videos from YouTube. You don’t have to move back to the site and look for a video you want to show your friends. The steps are so simple that whether you are a PC whiz or novice you can do it within a few minutes.

Do you think “All the Online YouTube Downloaders Work” True?

youtube downlaoder

To complete the list of online tools to download YouTube videos without any software, I check 20 online youtube downloaders that rank top in Google results. But these test results led me to conclude that not all the online youtube downloaders work well to successfully download youtube videos. You can also find the details and will have a good decision which ones to try another time.

No. Online YouTube Downloader Work or Not Notes
1 Y2mate Work /
2 Onlinevideoconverter No /
3 Keepvid Work The download video cannot be opened certainly, try to re-download
4 Saveclipbro Work High resolution
5 Work /
6 smallseotools No /
7 topvideodownloader No Can process the download, but downloaded videos can’t be opened and played
8 apowersoft Work The downloaded video cannot be opened sometimes, try to re-download
9 vidpaw Work Quality scarified
10 savethevideo Work Quality scarified
11 ytoffline No /
12 Catchvideo No Not support copyright material or music
13 ddownr Work High quality
14 amoyshare Work Low quality
15 sconverter Work Low quality
16 video-converter-mp4 No /
17 Bitdownloader No Download Music content is prohibited
18 flvto Work Quality sacrificed
19 Ripsave No /
20 videoder No Youtube downloading is not compatible anymore


Here’s all about “Download YouTube Video Without Any Software”. Well, there are fix to download a YouTube video without downloading any software, but not all online free YouTube downloaders work. What are your thoughts about this? Have you ever try to download Youtube videos without any software? If yes, then share your experience with us in the comment section below!

Also, for further queries and questions let us know below!

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