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How To Enable PUBG Mobile To Maximize 90fps

Do you want to enable PUBG Mobile to Maximize 90fps? If you’re a gaming expert, you might agree that Player’s most wanted PUBG) mobile game is one of the most played games in mobile devices. The game PUBG recorded about 400 million players around the world. The game enables players to tweak various options in their gaming settings. It includes fps limits and graphics.

In the recent version of the game, you can also enhance your fps to 90fps and explore the game with the latest Ultra and HDR settings. If you want to understand the game a little better. Just come let’s break its terms down and learn how to turn on it to maximize 90fps. Let’s come take a look:


For a beginner, you might wonder what this fantastic game means when you view the term fps. Just put, fps means frames per second. We can use the term to measure the number of consecutive, full-screen images shown in each second when you’re playing actively. Mostly fps are used in measuring the game’s frame rate that used explicitly in measuring the performance of video games’ performances.

Enabling PUBG Mobile to Maximize 90fps

As PUBG has an amazing graphic and intense. Also, your experience can rely on the device hardware you’re using. However, it means that the game’s graphic definition of the gameplay is fully based on the hardware of your Android device. PUBG default setting comes with its Android app. However, it automatically defining the graphics of games of your gameplay based on the mobile’s hardware capabilities.

Well, based on your device’s hardware capabilities. You have the right to adjust graphics to HDR and also set your game’s frame rate to high fps.  While getting started, you can also practice the game’s most fluid gameplay choices that are played at 60fps before you get began playing at 90fps, which is quite difficult.  You can also modify the fps rate simply by unlocking the game’s revered extreme frame rate mode.

Special thanks to the game’s app, known as the GXT tool. Well, players are enabled to unlock their abilities modes. This way, they can modify the game’s frame rates and graphic settings. After modifying your graphics and gameplay frame rate. The PUBG mobile can push its hardware restrictions and capabilities to get you playing at a higher frame rate with increased Fps.

How to Enable Your PUBG Mobile to Maximize 90fps

Initially, you must remember your Android device has limited space to install the latest app that enables maximizing your current fps rate to 90fps. Using enough hardware space of your Android phone, simply install the GFX tool app.

It’s a free utility tool app launcher. Also, it is used for particular games where players can completely customize their game’s graphics to access amazing game images. They can also increase smooth gameplay. The app comes with amazing features. It includes game resolution choices, unlocked HDR fps graphics and levels, and enables full control and anti-aliasing while controlling the game’s shadows.

After installing the tool app, allow the necessary permission that is accessible without root demands like other apps. After providing the app permission, simply configure the settings for the 90fps gameplay. Come let’s check how to do that:

Step 1:

Choose version as 0.9 GP

Step 2:

Then pick the resolution that is quite lower than the default option

Step 3:

Choose a smooth graphic option

Step 4:

Then pick the Fps to 90

Step 5:

Now set the graphics to Android 7.0 or above devices

Once done, press the accept button and then hit the Run key to launch your PUBG mobile app. At last, check to view if your game’s new graphics and frame rates are turned on.


Here’s all about ”Enable PUBG Mobile To Maximize 90fps”. Is this article helpful? Have you ever face any issues? Have you found any other trick that we can’t cover in this article? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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