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How to Fix Viper4Android SELinux Policy Issues on Lollipop

Viper4Android experiences experienced issues with SELinux upholding mode presented on Lollipop, thus far we’ve been attempting to run it under the tolerant mode by changing the SELinux strategy, however, on account of maximum entropy over at XDA, you would now be able to use Viper4Android without changing SELinux from authorizing to lenient.


The fix includes pushing a couple of ADB directions to the gadget on which you need to run Viper4Android and furthermore ensure you’ve SuperSU as your superuser the board application for it to work. Look at the first post by the user beneath:

This necessitates you are using SuperSU on your framework, as it gives both the su.d startup registry support and the supolicy twofold. Execute these directions in a terminal on your Android gadget to make the startup content. It ought to execute at boot time, starting with your next reboot.

In case you’re terrified of ADB directions, then, fortunately, we additionally have a recovery flashable hurdle for the equivalent.

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ADB method- How to apply Viper4Android SELinux fix

1.Setup ADB and Fastboot on your PC.

2. Enable USB investigating on your gadget from designer choices and interface it to the PC with a USB link.

3. Open a direction prompt window on the PC and issue the accompanying directions:

mount -o rw,remount /system
cd /system/su.d
echo '#! /system/bin/sh' >
echo '/system/xbin/supolicy --live "allow mediaserver mediaserver_tmpfs:file { read write execute };"' >>
chown root.root
chmod 755
cd /
mount -o ro,remount /system

4. Reboot your device.

Recovery Flashable zip – Viper4Android SELinux fix

For people who like to avoid ADB or simply don’t approach PC. Here’s recovery flashable compress file to apply the fix.

To install, simply boot into custom recovery (TWRP, ideally), flash the compress file and reboot. Nothing else.

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