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How to Install TWRP Recovery via Fastboot on Android

Bootloader/Fastboot mode enables you to flash any parcel on a gadget, be it a framework, boot, recovery, reserve or some other. What’s more, not simply the parcel pictures from OEMs, you can likewise flash the custom-assembled .img files through fastboot. For instance, a custom recovery like TWRP.

For the unknown, TWRP recovery is a custom recovery for Android gadgets created and kept up by the people at TeamWin. It gives you a chance to complete a large group of things on your Android telephone that neither Google nor your gadget producer fabricated help for. For instance, a full gadget (nandroid) backup. Using TWRP recovery you can take a full backup of your Android telephone, which you can reestablish to try and fix a delicate bricked gadget.

TWRP Recovery via Fastboot

Make sure to create a back-up:

Other than a backup, TWRP additionally permits flashing unsigned compress files which incorporate rooting contents, custom ROMs/MODs, and other comparable stuff.

Since not all Android gadgets are same, TWRP is constructed differently for each. Additionally, you may discover the recovery accessible as both official and informal forms, on the web. This is because TWRP recovery is an open source task and anybody with knowledge can gather a TWRP recovery work for any Android gadget.

You can discover and download the authority TWRP recovery work for your gadget over at TeamWin’s site. We’ve linked all formally bolstered gadgets underneath in the table. For most gadgets, you will just discover the Fastboot flashable .img files of TWRP. Nonetheless, if you have a Samsung Galaxy gadget, you’ll additionally discover a .tar file, and we suggest using the .tar file to install TWRP using Odin (a PC programming to install/flash stuff on Samsung gadgets).

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You can flash either via fastboot or Odin:

If you as of now have TWRP recovery .img file for your gadget, jump directly to the TWRP installation guidelines beneath the TWRP download area.

If you couldn’t discover TWRP recovery picture for your gadget on the official channels, complete a look on our site for an informal form. We spread informal TWRP recovery works for a wide range of Android gadgets that show up on different Android people group like XDA.

When you have the TWRP recovery .img file downloaded for your gadget, adhere to the guidelines beneath to flash TWRP recovery by means of Fastboot.

How to Install TWRP Recovery via Fastboot


This guide expect that your gadget has an opened bootloader. If not, pursue our point by point direct on How to Unlock Bootloader by means of Fastboot on Android.

  1. Get a TWRP recovery .img file good with your gadget and spare to a different folder on your PC.
  2. Setup ADB and Fastboot on your PC, pursue this link.
  3. Enable USB investigating on your gadget:
    Open Settings on your gadget.
    Go to About telephone and tap multiple times on Build number, this will empower Developer choices.
    Now return to Settings and you’ll see Developer alternatives there, open it.
    Tick the USB Debugging checkbox.
  4. Open the folder where you spared TWRP Recovery .img file in Step 1 above.
  5. Now open an order window inside that folder. To do that, “Shift + Right snap” on any unfilled void area inside the folder. After that select “Open direction window here” from the setting menu.
  6. Associate your gadget to the PC. What’s more, type the accompanying into the order window we opened in Step 5
    adb reboot bootloader
  7. If you get a consent exchange on your gadget to “Permit USB investigating”, tap OK.
  8. When your gadget boots into bootloader mode, issue the accompanying order into direction window to flash the TWRP recovery .img file:
    fastboot flash recovery twrp.img
  9. Here modify twrp.img with the name of your TWRP recovery .img file. OR change your TWRP recovery filename to twrp.img and use the order above.
  10. Once TWRP is effectively flashed on your gadget, issue the accompanying order to reboot:
    fastboot reboot

That’s it in a nutshell. TWRP recovery ought to be installed on your gadget now. To boot into the newly installed recovery, just issue the adb reboot recovery order from PC.

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