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How to Install Xposed on OnePlus 2

They may call OnePlus 2 a Flagship executioner for its specs, however, what we truly like the most about the gadget is its help for custom stuff. Opening the bootloader and rooting OnePlus 2 doesn’t void the guarantee on the gadget, OnePlus states this on its site. So, today why not we do a little out of blue and install Xposed on OnePlus 2.

This means more opportunity for the users to investigate the maximum capacity of the gadget’ abilities, making it Flagship executioner as far as user experience also.

xposed on OnePlus 2xposed on OnePlus 2

Xposed is a standout amongst the most broadly used structure for Android gadgets to alter them to boundless amazingness. There are many cool Xposed modules out there which let you modify all of your gadget, even assistance increase observable execution gain and improve battery life.

Fortunately, there’s as of now a long distance to install Xposed on OnePlus 2. All you need is a rooted OnePlus 2 and TWRP recovery. How about we begin

Install Xposed on OnePlus 2


Root OnePlus 2:

The principal thing you have to do to install Xposed on OnePlus 2 is to get root access on the gadget, which itself requires opened bootloader first, then TWRP recovery with the goal that you flash the SuperSU zip and get root.

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Flash Xposed framework via TWRP

We’re accepting that you as of now have the TWRP recovery installed since you rooted your OP2 using the link above.

All things considered, now, feel free to download the Xposed structure .compress file from the downloads area above (filename: and transfer it to your OP2.

Now boot into TWRP and take a backup from the recovery so you have a salvage point should things turn out badly with the Xposed system.

When you’ve taken TWRP backup, flash the file using the Install button from the recovery’s fundamental menu. You don’t have to wipe store/dalvik reserve since the Xposed structure .compress file will consequently do that for you upon flash.

Once Xposed structure is flashed, reboot your OP2 to the framework. It might require investment for the first reboot since we simply cleared the cache/dalvik store on the gadget.

Install Xposed Installer

When your OP2 boots, download and install the Xposed installer .apk file from the downloads area above. Give it root authorization when it inquires. what’s more, that is it! You’ve Xposed installed on your OP2 now. Proceed, attempt a couple of modules and have a ton of fun.

Via: XDA

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