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How To Restart Hanged Microsoft Teams & Get Working

restart hanged Microsoft teams

Do you want to restart hanged Microsoft teams? Microsoft Teams is an essential software in this tough time for teams when they are working from their homes. Also, It helps you to collaborate remotely, share direct messages and hold video conferences with the simple tap of a button.

But a time comes when you lose control of Microsoft Teams client. Also, it ends up hanging on your PC. Are you facing the same problem? Simply follow our easy guide that helps you to restart your Microsoft Teams app easily. Come let’s get started.

For desktop users

Step 1:

Initially, right-tap on the taskbar of your screen and choose ‘Task Manager’. A task manager window opens on your screen.

Step 2:

While using Windows 10, you want to tap on the ‘More details’ option under the task manager window. If you are using earlier versions of Windows you can then automatically be able to view all the running tasks in the task manager.

Step 3:

Move down until you find ‘Microsoft Teams’ in the list. Also, tap on it and choose ‘End task’ in the bottom right-hand corner of the task manager window. Windows will destroy the Microsoft Teams desktop client and you should view it vanish from the taskbar below.

Step 4:

Simply launch ‘Microsoft Teams’ desktop client again either from the start menu also using the desktop icon. However, Microsoft Teams also launch again and begin working normally as intended.

For Android users

Step 1:

Move back to the homepage, simply slide up your app drawer and then open the ‘Settings’ app.

Step 2:

Now head over to ‘Apps & Notifications’.

Note: It is also known as ‘Applications & Permissions’, ‘Manage Apps’ or ‘Installed Apps’ depending on your manufacturer.

Step 3:

Move down in your list of downloaded applications until you view ‘Teams’. Click on it once you find it.

Step 4:

You will now view a ‘Force Stop’ option under your screen. Click on it to force close the application on your phone.

Step 5:

Move back to your app drawer then launch the ‘Teams’ application again.

The application also begins working again as intended.

Why do Microsoft Teams hang on my device/desktop?

There could be several reasons why Microsoft Teams hangs on your Android. Some common ones are listed below. Also, it helps you to identify the cause and correct the issue at its source.

  • RAM capacity -> low
  • OS version -> Incompatible
  • Installation -> Faulty
  • Application bug
  • Excessive RAM usage by other applications on your device
  • Absence of necessary permissions for proper operation in the background

Microsoft Teams is a reasonably new service that keeps on launching amazing features using every update to its desktop client and mobile application. They regularly resolve bugs. So if you face the issue that application or desktop client regularly hanging for you then always try to update the app to its latest version.


Here’s all about “Restart Hanged Microsoft Teams”. We hope this article helps you to restart Microsoft Teams efficiently and easily on your device. Don’t fret share any queries or questions that you might have with us in the comments below.

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