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How Do I Melee Damage to Structures in Fortnite

melee damage to structures

In the first week of Chapter 2, Season 5 of Fortnite, players have actually seen a number of exciting quests. In this season players also have the task of hunting down many other players when they receive bounties. With offering inter-reality skins such as the Mandalorian and Kratos, Epic Games also has hooked the fanbase. Most of the exclusive skins have to be bought via V-Bucks or come along with battle passes. Even after buying the skin players have to keep playing to unlock battle armors. Completed quests not only give players XP, however, they also bestow rewards. In this article, we are going to talk about Melee Damage to Structures in Fortnite. Let’s begin!

Running around the battleground will not permit the players in order to complete quests. Players have to know what quests are there and then just try to complete them. When preventing being killed via many other players in the battleground.

For completing each and every quest players can also receive different XP points. In Fornite there are also Legendary (55,000 XP), Epic (20,000 XP), Rare (15,000 XP), Common (10,000 XP), and also Uncommon (1,000 XP) quests. This season the quest tiers have actually remained the same. Every week there are new Legendary and Epic quests for the players in order to complete. The new rare, common, and uncommon quests keep appearing when players finish them as well.

While players have to wait for new Legendary and Epic quests they can rake up more XPs by completing the other quests. In Week 1 there have been a number of Rare 15,000XP quests that players have encountered. One of these rare quests is to do “Melee damage to structure”. Here is all you need to know about the task and how to complete it.

What is a melee weapon? | melee damage to structures

Melee weapons are actually non-projectile weapons that are used for close-quarter combat. In Fortnite, there are a number of melee weapons that actually a player can pick up or purchase. At the start of each and every game, the player gets a melee weapon. That they can use in order to attack other players or destroy things around them. A lot of kinds of axes, spears, swords, also clubs, scythes, and hardware tools all actually are melee weapons also available in the game.

How can you do the “melee weapon damage to structure” quest?

Players have to first see their list of quests in order to perform. If one of the quests listed is “Melee weapon damage to structure” it is only then that the player can actually embark on it.

Whenever jumping from the Battle Bus try to drop close to other players. You have to avoid getting killed while following a player till they build a structure actually. When the player has built a structure, via the material they have collected, you can also try to destroy it. Players can select to even destroy the structure built via their team in order to complete the quest.

When you have spotted the structure you have to equip yourself along with your melee weapon. Strike the structure via your melee weapon in order to gain damage points. The task needs you to get 2,500 damage points using their close-quarter weapon. With targeting a number of structures built via players you will slowly gain the damage points.

After gaining 2,500 damage points you guys will see the prompt that the task is complete. You guys will get a new rare task and 15,000 XP after destroying the structure along with a melee weapon.

Ideal melee weapon to use | melee damage to structures

If you guys are trying to destroy a structure built via your team. And then you have to use a pickaxe as other melee weapons are ineffective.

However, all melee weapons cause damage to structures and objects in the environment as well. There are certain melee weapons that are more effective on different materials. Axes are more effective on wood, however, hardware causes increased damage to stone objects as well.


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