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Procedure To Make a Soul Lantern & Soul Torch In Minecraft

What do you know about Soul Lantern & Soul Torch In Minecraft? Torches and lanterns are the amazing Minecraft tools that just help you to light up your surroundings, but also enables you to melt ice and repulse mobs and Piglins. If you are Minecraft newbie then you should make yourself familiar with Soul Lanterns or Soul Torches as they are high powered and can help you out of complex situations. Come let’s take a look at how to craft Soul Lantern and Soul Torch in Minecraft.

Craft Soul Torch -> Minecraft

Soul Torch crafting in Minecraft is a quite simple and easy process whenever you have the right equipment and the right ingredients. The list of ingredients is given below. Remember not to forget any ingredient.


  • A crafting table
  • 1 x
    • Coal/ Charcoal
    • Stick
    • Soul Soil/ Soul Sand


If you want to craft Soul Torch, remember your way to craft the table and place all the 3 ingredients in the crafting grid. Don’t forget to place the items in the right order below in the central column of your crafting grid.

crafting grid

  • Initial Grid Space – Coal/Charcoal
  • Central Grid Space – Stick
  • Bottom Grid Space – Soul Soil/ Soul Sand

Now you should craft your Soul Torch that can be placed anywhere on the map you want to.

Craft Soul Lantern -> Minecraft

Same as above Soul Torch, crafting a Soul Lantern is quite an easy and simple process. Just put the exact materials in your position. However, all the ingredients mentioned below. But in case you don’t have them in your possession, then remember to obtain them first before moving with the whole crafting process.


You need a crafting table to access the 3×3 crafting grid

  • 8 x Iron Nuggets
  • 1 x Soul Torch


Put all the ingredients in your inventory and head over to the crafting table. Initiate after adding the Iron nuggets in an annular order to the grid on the outside while keeping the slot in the center free. After using all your 8 iron nuggets. Just put the Soul Torch right in the center of the grid. It provides you a Soul Lantern that you can easily place in your inventory now.


Now you have a Soul Lantern in your inventory.

Why we use Soul Torches

Torches are used to add light in-game structures. You can also put them rather than gravity affected blocks as the material can’t fall below.

  • Soul Torches helps repel Piglins that come quite handy if you haven’t a gold armor piece equipped.
  • Also, you can use them to keep Piglins out of your place as they keep trying to come back again and again.
  • Soul Torches provides off level 10 low light that can’t be used to snow or melt ice.

Why we use Soul Lanterns

Lanterns are embellishing items that light up your place. Soul Lanterns have a light level of 10. It means that you can don’t want to melt ice or snow with them.

  • After placing a Soul Lantern to the underside of a block, it seems to be hanging.
  • It’ll automatically attach to chains.
  • Soul Lanterns also disgust Piglins.
  • A lantern is a permanent origin of light while torches are temporary. You want to reignite them again using Steel or Flint.

Soul Torches Properties

  • Renewable source of light
  • Stackable nature
  • Zero hardness & blast resistance
  • Luminance level 10
  • Transparent in nature
  • Can’t interact with Lava

Soul Lanterns Properties

  • Renewable source of light
  • Stackable nature
  • Blast resistance: 3.5
  • Hardness: 3.5
  • Luminance level 10
  • Transparent in nature
  • Nonflammable and does not interact with Lava


I hope this article helps you to easily craft Soul Torches or Soul Lanterns. If you have any questions or queries regarding Minecraft, then let us know in the comments section below.

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