The Best Xbox One Controller you Should Know


We are not saying that the Xbox One controller that came with your Xbox One is not one of the best controllers on the market actually. Yes, It is. But, simply being one of the best doesn’t actually mean it will always be the right controller for the job. Nor does being one of the best make it the absolute best that you can get. In this article, we are going to talk about The Best Xbox One Controller you Should Know. Let us begin!

From fighting games to racing simulators, there are many cases where you will have a better experience and finer control from having the right hardware for the job. If you’ve got large hands, then you may have an easier time with one controller over another. Or, if you guys prefer to have your buttons mapped differently, then you could find one controller that gives you more flexibility to do so.

In order to play games on the Xbox One, you will need a controller. And if you suddenly find yourself at home more with some extra Xbox time, then it is worth having the right controller. Microsoft’s Xbox Elite Series 2 wireless controller is actually the best gamepad for the company’s console. You can customize it to your needs, replace many components, and even remap buttons via an app for console and PC.

Best Xbox One Controller

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2


  • Excellent design
  • Great build quality
  • Custom button and paddle mapping
  • Changeable sticks and D-Pad
  • Bluetooth


  • Expensive
  • Heavier than a standard controller

The Xbox One controller is incredibly comfortable to use for long periods actually. It is sturdy, and it generally feels great to hold and use as well. However, like all things, it has a lifespan, and much more serious gamers can wear them out really quickly.

best xbox one controller

Then comes the Elite Series 2, the latest embodiment of Microsoft’s professional-grade controller. It essentially keeps the same great design but also improves just about everything else. The sticks are removable and much more durable because is the D-pad. There are paddles on the rear which can also be mapped to any button on the controller using the companion app for Xbox One and Windows 10. The entire thing is covered with a soft-touch finish. There are hand-grips, and there are also trigger stops.

Some may look at the price tag and then declare that no controller is worth that much, and that is also fine. In order to the people willing to pay top dollar, the Elite Controller is the very best around. It will last many years longer than a regular controller and is packed along with serious features. The Series 2 also adds Bluetooth into the mix, for easy wireless pairing with your Windows 10 PC as well.

Microsoft Xbox One controller


  • Excellent design
  • Custom color combos available
  • Bluetooth for easy PC use
  • Iconic design


  • Not rechargeable without extra purchase
  • Won’t last as long as an Elite

You honestly can’t go wrong along with the controller Microsoft bundled in the box with your Xbox console. Because the debut of the Xbox One S, it is had Bluetooth capabilities. That while unused on the Xbox One, comes in handy if you also like to dabble in some wire-free PC gaming.

best xbox one controller

The Xbox One controller design is arguably the best there has ever on any platform or not. Along with its offset analog sticks and also perfect size leading to many, many hours of comfortable gaming.

It works seamlessly with the PC, too, either wired or over Bluetooth as well. If you are not a fan of dumping AA batteries inside it, there is also a play and charge kit available that transforms it into a rechargeable controller. And if it is through the Design Lab or the ridiculous amount of special edition designs, then there is a color combo that’s actually perfect for you.

Hyperkin Duke


  • Faithful design to the original
  • The OLED display is a nice touch
  • Modernized with headset jack
  • It’s the Duke!


  • Very large
  • Only comes wired
  • Can be hard to get hold of at times

Hyperkin and Xbox teamed up in order to revive the classic Xbox controller, known affectionately as the “Duke”. If you were not gaming on the first Xbox console, then you are in for a real treat. Even if it is massive by today’s standards, thus the name.

best xbox one controller

It is still really well made and sports many modernizing refinements across the board. That includes 3.5mm audio and shoulder buttons. There is also a gorgeous OLED display in the center, that showcases the OG Xbox boot animation on every press actually. This controller is also a stunner and well worth a place in any Xbox fan’s home. It feels as though it came straight out of Microsoft’s own labs as well.

It is a piece of gaming history brought back to life for modern gaming, and however, it is absolutely beastly, long-time Xbox fans will adore it. It is actually impossible not to! And what better way to play those first-gen Xbox games on backward compatibility actually?

Razer Wolverine Ultimate


  • Excellent design
  • Best for competitive players
  • Long, braided cable
  • Customizable paddles and buttons
  • Integrated audio controls


  • The paddle design is unusual
  • Fairly expensive
  • No option to use wirelessly with PC

The Wolverine is a fully customizable, wired (that is essential for a lot of gamers who still prefer this over wireless) controller that is a variation on the standard design. You have also got built-in hardware audio controls down the bottom, paddles on the rear, and RGB lighting all around the Xbox button.

best xbox one controller

The Wolverine, as with the Xbox Elite, is targeted at the competitive scene. Those who need a controller that not only has added durability, however, additional features. Such as those paddles, which can all be mapped to your own customized layout. Wired is also a better option for competitive play because the connection will be more reliable.

The included cable is long enough to permit you to sit far away from the screen if you want, and it also means that you are never going to run out of power when the going gets tough. The Wolverine also closely resembles Microsoft’s controller design, so it is comfortable to use for long periods of Amazon Basics as well.


  • Solid construction
  • Great price
  • Design close to official controller


  • Only comes wired
  • Not much variation in colors
  • Can’t remap buttons

If you just want a robust controller that costs as little as possible, then you can’t do better than Amazon’s own brand Xbox One offering. It is also inexpensive but well made and enjoyable to use.

It is not exactly the same size and shapes just like the regular Xbox One controller, however, it is close. All the buttons are in the right place, and the headset jack is on the bottom actually: no frills, but great value.

It only comes wired, and you won’t be able to remap any of its buttons, but it is a perfect budget or entry-level controller, and especially useful to give to the kids.

Hori Real Arcade Pro.V Kai Fighting Stick


  • Solid construction
  • Popular and well-regarded Hayabusa stick
  • Easily modified


  • Quite pricey
  • One of the larger arcade sticks

If you are into fighting games, then you are going to want an arcade stick in order to take your performance to the next level. The combination of button presses and direction changes are best served by something like this excellent stick from Hori as well.

hori real

It is basically packing an original Hayabusa stick and KURO buttons, but also allows for some modding. It is really easy to do with this stick. There is ample cable storage, and it looks pretty sharp, as well.

It is also a little pricey, however, if you play a ton of fighting games, it is a price worth paying to up your game to the next level.

Thrustmaster TS-XW


  • Realistic design
  • Amazing force feedback
  • 1,080-degree rotation


  • Quite pricey
  • Very heavy

For the serious virtual racer on Xbox One, you guys can’t do better right now than this wheel. Well, thanks to a partnership with Sparco, the TS-XW is based on an actual racing wheel, trimmed in Alcantara, constructed entirely from metal, and along with two large paddle shifters as well.


It is not for the faint at heart, and driving with this wheel provides you a bit of a workout. The pedals are life like and also adjustable, and thanks to Thrustmaster’s system, you can also even swap out the wheel itself for a different design to use on the same base.

The rotation goes though a full 1,080 degrees, and if you hook it up to your PC, then the Thrustmaster app will allow you to alter that to a custom value. So it also applies to all your games. If you want realism, then you will find it right here.


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