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Best Kindle Alternatives: I like my Kindle paperwhite. I could not only stock various books without consuming any physical space. But also I highlight text, bookmark pages and create flashcards to improve my vocabulary. However, don’t forget the battery lasts for weeks, and the screen is easy to read even the sun is over your head.

But I was missing features like being able to take notes, write on it, download third-party apps. To intercept this confusion, I did some heavy lifting for you. Here are the best e-ink devices and Kindle options you can try. Let’s start.

Best Kindle Alternatives

New Kindle

If you have a Kindle, then you might want to check out the latest versions as well. The 10th generation Kindle comes with amazing features like built-in light, Audible support, splash-proof and much more. However, if you are upgrading for old Kindle, you will then find the text is sharper on the Paperwhite.

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kindle_paperwhite_Kindle Alternatives

You’ll get Amazon’s magnanimous book database and also Audible’s audiobook support. You just can’t complain about battery life. Last month I charged my Kindle and it still has a lot of juice left. All Kindle models support the Whispersync feature so that you can make an easy shift to hearing or listening to the books you’re reading across platforms.

Common Features

  • Book Database is quite similar
  • The choice to borrow books.
  • Kindle Unlimited at $9.99/month
  • Availability of Kindle app on iOSAndroid and PC/Mac

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Kobo Forma

Selecting from where we left. The support of a large book database, best form-factor, and support for all major file formats are features that you would look in other readers. Not just this but also Kobo is one of the best kindle alternatives.

While Kindle devices can’t open ePub directly. However, it is an open-source format. Also, Kobo can do it natively which provides a head start to KOBO.

Kobo Forma Kindle Alternatives

Kobo doesn’t have an audiobook database like Amazon’s Audible. Also, the other factors still make it a good choice. It supports best-light which necessarily cuts out the blue-light, helping your eyes to not pressure in longer sessions. Also, Kobo has a dictionary and note-taking features. As it falls back on Amazon’s X-ray feature that helps to know details about particular characters and look-up Wikipedia.  If you’re an eager Audible user, you don’t have the choice to listen or hear to audiobooks on this one. Thankfully, there are no ads in any of the Kobo devices.

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Sony DPT CP1 10 Digital Paper

Here are other best Kindle alternatives. Kindle and Kobo devices provide users the best reading experience. But like truly paper-like, you want a feature like being able to write on the device. To maintain that gap Sony has placed this device. However, currently, there are two models. The 10.3-inch model there’s RP 1 which is a bigger at 13.3-inches. Also, it comes with a resolution of 1650 x 2200 that is extremely lightweight.

Sony-DPT-CP1-1- Kindle Alternatives

Make sure this isn’t exactly a book reader. If you’re a student and love to write, then it comes with a stylus that resembles a paper-like feel. Also, the stylus helps you annotate the documents, or making it good for scholars. The stylus has two buttons with one for instant highlighting and the other being remover. You can also place it on either side of the device and it attaches like a magnet. However, there are two options, a pen, and a pencil to select from. For reading and writing on the device, you have got a matt scene that resembles a paper-like feel. It can also be attached to a PC using Sony’s desktop software and act as a writing pad having a projection on a larger display.


The thing that you must keep in mind that this device can only run PDFs and can be transferred using the digital paper app.  Sony also added the page jump feature in the update but still, there is no table of contents that makes it difficult to toggle between pages. Well, annotations are best on the device, also it absents the bookmark feature that is common in most e-readers. Also, there is no front light, so you’ve to depend on the light around you for illumination. Also, you need to charge the stylus.

I could only recommend this device if you read many PDFs. Let’s say you’re a research scholar and you’ve to read many pages.

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Sony’s CP 1 is the best piece of hardware coupled with outdated software support. ONYX BOOX Note Pro does everything that CP1 does add it. Also, it has a lot of extra up its sleeves. Not just this but it runs on Android 6.0. It has a Quad-Core Processor, 4GB RAM, and 64GB storage.  Not just that you have a type-C charger as well. This device is a combination of an e-book reader and a note-taking device. So, it includes all the annotation features. Besides, you can also bookmark pages and look up words in the dictionary. Now coming to note-taking, the device has both capacitive touch and a stylus, so you can easily write on PDFs. Also, make handwritten notes or simply draw. It supports most formats like PDF, EPUB, HTML, MOBI, DOC and also WAV and MP3.


However, like the Kindle and Kobo, ONYX BOOX Note Pro has a front light and the temperature depending on the time and comfortability. But in case you’re reading PDFs, you can just take hand-written style notes. If you feel bored with reading books, you can attach to Bluetooth speakers to enjoy audiobooks and listen to music. You can also use the text-to-speech feature and listen while it reads aloud from where you left.

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Yoga Book C930

It is another best Kindle alternatives. Purchasing an e-book reader or a note-taking device means that you have another device added to your everyday carry list. Lenovo had a good idea and saved you from that, using the first laptop having a dual-screen with e-ink technology. It’s quite interesting to compare it to Kindle as it’s not a dedicated book reader.

Let’s talk about the specs, it features a QHD display and the second being e-ink. As it also acts as a keyboard with Haptik feedback. The e-ink panel being a keyboard also acts as a sketch pad. So you have an image on the main screen and a drawing board on the other.

Yoga Book C930

Also, it works with most Windows apps, so for example, while using One Note, you can sync and never miss an idea. There is also a stylus with over 4,000 pressure levels. While it can’t parallel with the Kindle or the Kobo’s weeks of battery life. Now you’ve to deal with a little over 12 hours of battery life. It is also an e-book reader that supports major formats like EPUB, MOBI, etc.  Not just this but you can also get a Gorilla Glass screen with Anti-glare finish to reduce eye strain. Oh! you can also open the back of the laptop, fancy yeah!

Don’t worry about connectivity as it supports LTE connectivity, so you just put your SIM card and be connected on the go!

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Kingrow K1

The very first time I stumbled upon an e-ink phone was by YotaPhone. While taking the baton forward is Kingrow K1. It seems like a phone, to start with, but is still made up of plastic. Also, it runs on Android, you’ve everything that a normal phone has just in an e-ink display.

There is no Play Store but the Kindle app is pre-installed and you have the choice to sideload apps. The major reason behind this is making it a productivity package and for those who read a lot but don’t want to have a conventional smartphone, this might be the best starting point.


The Kindle app also comes pre-installed. You can just change the brightness, tweak the text size and allow inverted mode as well. It does have panic feedback and stereo speakers. You can also browse the internet but the scrolling lags and there are also frame-rate drops for video playback. You also don’t need to think about the battery for weeks, plus there is a headphone jack as well.


Undoubtedly, Kindle is the winner if you need a large database, Amazon’s also support system and added features like Whisper-sync, X-ray, etc. However, if you’re outside the USA, Kobo’s readers with 300 PPI as standard, OverDrive support take Kindle’s throne easily. Moreover, if you’re a scholar and want to stick to reading a large number of PDFs and need to annotate, Sony provides a very paper-like feel, but I recommend going for the ONYX BOOX Note Pro for an overall package. So, that’s all for today. Here was my list of the best e-ink devices and amazing Kindle alternatives. If you’ve something to share or want to ask anything then let us know in the comment section below!

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