User Guide On How To Turn Off Narrator Voice


Do you want to turn off Narrator Voice? The Narrator is accessible via Microsoft Windows. It can help those with limited vision to “see” what’s on their computer display screen. However, it is a screen-reading app that uses a voice to read a message that appears on the display screen.

Also, while using a Narrator, but want to disable it, say because someone who doesn’t want it to use your PC, there are many alternative ways to do it.

How to Disable the Narrator Using the Keyboard

There is an instant and easy keyboard shortcut to disable the Narrator. Just hit Win+Ctrl+Enter, that is, the following 3 keys at the same time:

 Narrator Voice

  • The Windows key (the Windows logo, located under the left or right part of your keyboard)
  • The Control key (i.e Ctrl, located under the left and left parts of your keyboard)
  • The Enter key

In Windows 8:

You can use the key combination is Win+Enter.

When you hit this key combination, you should then hear the Narrator’s voice saying, “Exiting Narrator.”

Note: You might have your settings located to not allow this shortcut. If you want to modify this, head over to Settings > Ease of Access > Narrator, then check the box located next to Allow the shortcut key to start Narrator.

Disable the Narrator by Exiting the Narrator Window

When you begin the Narrator, a Narrator window appears. If you want to close it and end the Narrator, just tap the X located in the upper-right corner or choose Exit within the window. Also, you’ll hear the Narrator’s voice say, “Exiting Narrator.”

Disable Narrator Using Windows Settings

Here’s how you can access the Narrator settings (it includes the on-off toggle) in Windows 10.

Step 1:

Tap the Windows logo located in the lower-left part of your display screen. Then hit the Windows key on your keyboard.

Step 2:

Tap the Settings.

Step 3:

Also, from the Windows Settings screen, tap Ease of Access.

Step 4:

From the left column, in the vision section, choose the Narrator.

Step 5:

At the bottom of Use Narrator, tap the toggle switch to Off.

Step 6:

The Narrator’s voice saying, “Exiting Narrator.”


Here’s all about “Turn Off Narrator”. If you are facing any issue then let us know. If you think that it is helpful then do let us know your suggestions in the comment section below. Have you found any other method that you think we can’t cover in this article? Feel free and let us know below!

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