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User Guide on How to Use SnagIt to Record Videos

SnagIt is an essential tool for all sorts of screen captures. Also, it is an instructional material. No matter the purpose, SnagIt promises an easy to use experience. It helps streamline what would otherwise be wordy and lengthy written documentation. Let’s all Use SnagIt to Record Videos.

The software also offers a free trial, after which there is a one-time purchase fee. Make sure whether you use the free trial or the full version, to use SnagIt. Firstly, you need to install it. Follow the installation process then launch the program.

You can also use SnagIt to capture videos, screenshots and much more. However, the recent versions of the service offer the choice to create instructional materials and more from templates, also advanced editing tools.

Use SnagIt to Record Videos

Create from Template

Once begin SnagIt, you can use the ‘Create’ button in the top left corner. Choose ‘Image from Template’ if you like to use a template and choose the layout you want to use. Tap on ‘Create’ at the bottom.

You’ll then be able to choose some images and screenshots to combine in the template. Choose the ones you like, right-tap and pick ‘Combine in a template’. You can order the pictures however you’d like and insert them into the template you select. In this way, you can also create your own Template to Use SnagIt to Record Videos.

Video from Images

You can also create your own instructional video using screenshots and images that you have on your PC. Just choose the ones you like from the tray at the bottom. Right-tap again and choose ‘Create Video from Images’.

Coming back onto how to Use SnagIt to record Video it will switch to record mode – you’ll view a black area on your screen with one of the chosen photos inside. What you view in the middle is what will be part of your video. However, You can also use the tools on the right-hand side to add arrows, shapes, and comments to your video. Simply use the video controls at the bottom to adjust to whatever section of the new video you like to edit.

At the bottom, you can also adjust the order of the pictures in your video. When you’re ready, hit the red record button. Your video will begin recording. Of course, you can also add quick elements while it records. For example, if you add an arrow this way, it seems exactly as you draw it in the last product. The arrows next to the pause controls will allow you to switch between images when you are ready to do so.

The program will also record everything that happens in real-time. Don’t allow it to stress you though. You can also use the pause button to pause and unpause the video whenever you want a moment. Once done, you can use the stop button to finish the recording.

You can also re-watch your ending product. At last use the export button to share it! You’ll have some extra tools at the top to make last-minute modifies before you export your video.

How to Use Snagit to Record Videos Conclusion:

Here’s all about “How to Use Snagit to Record Videos”. For further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below!

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