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Windows 10 VL, Home, PRO, EnterPrise and N Difference

Microsoft releases multiple editions of its Operating Systems such as Windows 10. Most of the time it can be really confusing to check which edition or version suits our needs. In this article, we are going to talk about different editions of Windows 10 VL and know what is Pro, Enterprise, and N editions.

Let’s discuss each edition one by one so that we can totally understand the difference between all of these Windows 10 editions.

Windows 10 VL 

You guys will see Windows 10 Enterprise VL editions. VL basically stands for Volume License. This means that we can use a single license key in order to activate multiple installations of Windows 10. This is mostly used by large enterprises.

windows 10 vl

Windows 10 Home

Windows 10 Home usually comes pre-installed in the laptops you buy. It consists of all the major features included in Windows 10 such as Cortana, Microsoft Edge, Continuum, universal apps, etc. The things missing are mostly related to networking actually.

We can join the home edition can’t actually in a domain and it does not include a group policy editor. However, you can install a group policy editor separately in Windows 10. If you guys are going to use Windows 10 on your home computer. Windows 10 Home is totally suitable for you. Other features not included in Windows 10 Home such as Bitlocker, Enterprise Mode IE, Remote Desktop, and Client Hyper-V.

Windows 10 Pro | windows 10 vl

Windows 10 Professional edition is mostly for in Office environments were joining a Windows Server domain is a need. The Windows 10 Pro basically comes along with all the features of Windows 10 Home and features such as Group Policy Management, Bitlocker encryption, Remote Desktop, Hyper-V, Azure Active Directory join ability, enterprise data protection, Windows Update for business as well.

Windows 10 Enterprise

Windows 10 Enterprise edition includes all of the features of Windows 10 Pro plus additional features. Such as Direct Access, Windows To Go creator, AppLocker, BranchCache, Start Screen control along with Group Policy, credential guard, device guard, etc.

Well, one feature that is only available to Windows 10 Enterprise uses is “Long Term Servicing Branch,”. That basically means that enterprise customers can also postpone Windows updates that provide new features for years when continuing to receive security updates actually.

Windows 10 Mobile | windows 10 vl

Windows 10 Mobile is basically designed for smartphones and tablets and includes basic consumer features also include Continuum capability as well.

N and KN editions

Well, windows 10 N editions are specifically designed for Europe and Switzerland in order to comply with the European law. The N stands for Not with Media Player and does not come along with Windows Media Player pre-installed.

KN is specially designed for the Korean market and does not include Windows Media Player (WMP) and an instant messenger as well.


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