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A Complete Review On Ringtone Apps For Android

Are you looking for the best ringtone apps for android? The best thing about the mobile OS is that you can easily use custom ringtones. Well, the days are gone when we visit different websites to download our favorite ringtones. These days, searching for custom ringtones are quite easy.

There are lots of Android apps that are available on the Google Play Store and can be used to get free ringtones. With ringtone applications for Android, you can also get alarm tones, notifications tones, ringtones, etc.

List Of Ringtone Apps For Android

So, if you are looking for the best ringtone apps for Android, then have come to the right place. In this guide, we are going to share some amazing ringtone apps for Android devices.



Well, Zedge is the best Android app that is available on the Google Play Store. With the help of Zedge, you can download many notification sounds, ringtones, alarm tones, wallpapers, etc. The Zedge user-interface is use-friendly and well-organized. Also, it is one of the best ringtone application that you can use on your mobile.

Download: Zedge

MTP Ringtones and Wallpapers

As the title of the app says, Wallpapers or MTP Ringtones and is an app that is designed for wallpapers or ringtones. If we talk about ringtones then Wallpapers or MTP Ringtones provide users a huge range of alarm tones, ringtones, notification sounds, etc. Not only that but also they both provide users high-quality and live wallpapers.

Download: MTP Ringtones and Wallpapers

Ringtone Apps For Android – Audiko

Audiko-Ringtone Apps For Android

It’s both a ringtone maker and a ringtone app. On Audiko, you can either select from a big database of free ringtone, or else create one. Audiko enables users to trim, cut, combine any parts of the song to make a ringtone. Not only that, but it also provides users with notification sounds, Alarm tones, etc.

Download: Audiko

New Ringtones

As the app name suggests, New Ringtones provides users a huge range of new ringtones to select from. Guess what? Those ringtones that you find on this app are carefully chosen. It includes animal sounds, baby ringtones, music remixes, funny ringtones, etc. Rather than this, it was the user interface that makes the application stand out from the crowd.

Download: New Ringtones

Popular Ringtones

Popular Ringtones

Well, if you are looking for some popular ringtones for your mobile device, then Popular Ringtones becomes the best option for you. Guess what? The ringtones are chosen carefully, and it covers a huge range of ringtone categories such as rap, hip-hop, animals, dance, Bollywood, etc. Right now the app also offers 1000+ free ringtones. So, the popular ringtones is another best pick in the list of ringtone apps for Android.

Download: Popular Ringtones

Ringtone Apps For Android – Z Ringtones

Well, if you are looking for an Android app from where you can install free notification, ringtones, and alarm sounds, then here comes the Z Ringtones. However, Z Ringtones arrives with an amazing or smooth interface, and it’s totally free with no in-app purchases. You will also find many high-quality ringtones in the application which you can directly use as your mobile ringtone.

Download: Z Ringtones

Mobiles Ringtones

Mobiles Ringtones-Ringtone Apps For Android

Mobiles Ringtones is another best Android app in the list which provides users a huge range of new MP3 ringtones. The best thing about Mobiles Ringtones is its smooth interface which seems well-organized or clean. Also, the app manages ringtones as per their categories. You can download or install famous ringtones such as Nokia background tones, iPhone tones, etc from Mobiles Ringtones.

Download: Mobiles Ringtones

Pi Music Player

Well, Pi Music Player is the best and simple music player app, but it provides some ringtone features. The application also provides metadata support, a five-band equalizer, themes, backgrounds, and tons of ringtones. Not only this but also Pi Music Player can be used to turn any track into a notification tone.

Download: Pi Music Player

Ringtone Maker

Ringtone Maker

It is another best Android app on the list of free ringtone apps that is quite similar to the ringdroid app listed in the guide. With the help of Ringtone Maker, you can easily cut any sound file and change it into a ringtone. The application is also compatible with WAV, MP3, AMR, AAC, etc. So, Ringtone Maker is no doubt the best Android ringtone maker app that you can use right now.

Download: Ringtone Maker

Phone Ringtones

Well, if you are searching for a lightweight Android app to install ringtones and messages notification sounds, then Phone Ringtones is the best option for you. However, the app Phone Ringtones provides a huge collection of amazing ringtones that make your mobile sound better. Not only ringtones but also Phone Ringtones provides many Alarm tones or SMS notification as well.

Download: Phone Ringtones

Ringtones Top 100

Ringtones Top 100-Ringtone Apps For Android

As the title of the app suggests, Ringtones Top 100 provides not only the 100 most popular ringtones but also provides limited amazing ringtone collection. On Ringtones Top 100, you have a huge range of sound effects, amazing 3D surround sound, best pop music, etc. You can use or set the tones as ring tones, message ring tone, alarm tones, etc.

Download: Ringtones Top 100

Best New Ringtones 2020

As the app name suggests, Best New Ringtones 2020 is the latest Android app to grab new ringtones. The Android app has tons of amazing notification sounds and the most popular SMS ringtone. Not only this but also Best New Ringtones allows you to install or download ringtones for offline playback.

Download: Best New Ringtones 2020

Ringtone for Android

Ringtone for Android

It is for those who have been looking for an application to get the latest ringtone and new ringtone on Android. It houses tons of new remix or popular ringtone that can be used to set as default ringtone, message tone, alarm ringtone, etc.

Download: Ringtone for Android

Ringtone Apps For Android – Mp3 Cutter

MP3 is not a ringtone app, but you can use it to create the latest and new ringtones. You can also cut parts of any songs to make an alarm tone, ringtone, message tone, etc. The app is compatible with AAC, MP3, WAV, AMR, and tons of other file formats.

Download: Mp3 Cutter

Bells and Whistles Ringtones

Bells and Whistles Ringtones

For those who want to keep it clean or simple and prefer it loud. This application provides all the sounds you want from alarms to notifications to setting your ringtones. The ringtone app is totally free and very easy to use. You can download it over 50,000 times on the play store and it provides some clean features for those who like to go crazy with their ringtone customizations.

Download: Bells and Whistles Ringtones

Super Funny Ringtones

Super Funny Ringtones is another one of the best top free ringtone apps for Android. It has a huge list of features such as funny ringtones, 3D hi-fi sounds, like baby laughs, Christmas songs, banana crowd, best friend, bear song, crazy chicken, Donald duck, iPhone minions, and lots of other exciting stuff.

Download: Super Funny Ringtones


Well, all ringtone apps are best. It depends on you what you want. All of the apps mentioned above were used by lots of users. Also, you can cut different parts of songs and can use it as a ringtone. But you want to use an MP3 cutter for that purpose. Well, Zedge is the most popular portal to download themes, wallpapers, and ringtones. It is one of the most popular site. You can also use the application to download free ringtones. If you know other applications like these, let us know below.

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