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Apps To Combat Police Brutality

Regardless of what a cop tells you, recording an official while he is doing his duties in a public spot is totally lawful. In spite of the fact that cell phone cameras are viable and effective on their own, there are a few apps for your cell phone that are made to protest police misconduct solely.

After the brutal deaths of Breonna Taylor, Michael Brown, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and several others, at the hands of police, people across the United States have taken it to the streets in order to protest against police brutality, misconduct, and violence.

Here are the top apps that you can use to record police violence and misconduct.

Combat Police Brutality with Apps

police brutality

Hands Up 4 Justice

Hands Up 4 Justice is a great app for iPhones. It was designed after the riots in Missouri. The designers suggest that you keep the GPS on when you are utilizing it for the best outcomes. Whenever you upload the videos, the app will send backups of the proof you’ve recorded to somewhere else, such as YouTube, Dropbox, etc.

We live in a digital world and you can use the electronic frontier to get your voice heard all over the world.

Stop and Frisk Watch

The second app on the over list was made by the NY Civil Liberties Union. Users can download it on both iPhone and Android. The NYCLU says the app comes with three essential capacities – recording, observing and reporting – yet it can be utilized for other important things as well.

 I’m Getting Arrested

This app is only for Android users. However, it is great for people to take part in civil rights protests. In the event that you get arrested and have this app on your telephone, it will automatically send messages to your companions, family and lawyers.

Mobile Justice

This is an app that was created by the ACLU of California, yet it has since been used in other states as well. It works with Android as well as iPhones. It’s accessible for iPhones and Androids, and it sends police experiences that you record on your telephone directly to civil rights organizations.

The ACLU will then, at that point, save the videos, even if your telephone is taken from you or harmed while you are protesting at a Black Lives Matter protest.

Cop Recorder

This app is designed to keep a record of the voice recordings of police encounters, even if the app isn’t open all the time. It works with both iPhone and Android. You have to set a feature on it in the beginning, and then you are good to go.

There will be no symbol on your phone to indicate that you are recording anything, but the app will be working in the background.

Cop Block

This recording app, for iPhone as well as Android, permits you to shoot what you think is unfair or questionable behavior by the police. Then the videos get uploaded on social media where people can see the videos and decide for themselves.

However, regardless of the fact that you are protesting or are just a witness to such an incident, you have to stay safe while recording these acts. Keep these things in mind while you are recording something at a Black Lives Matter protest.


You should be aware of your well-being and the security of the individual you are recording. In the event that you feel unsafe while recording, you can simply stand in fortitude with the victim or take notes on what’s going on.

Make Sure the Audience can see what’s Happening in the Videos

Make sure that your videos are clear and you are not moving too fast and abruptly. Keep the camera in one place for almost 10 seconds and move it gradually, not in jerks and quick bursts. These tips — alongside good judgment — should assist with keeping yourself as safe as possible.

You can read an argumentative essay about police brutality and learn more about what is going on. Moreover, it will ensure that your videos can be used as proof & evidence in the future if the need arises.

Bystanders and smartphones have been very powerful tools and useful assets in various cases, regardless of the fact that justice was served or not. Despite the case decision, the media attention due to videos has shed a light on the discrimination in our nation’s police offices.

Know Your Rights

It is your right according to the 1st Amendment to record the doings of law enforcement employees as long as you are not meddling. Whether you are meddling or not will be determined by the police officer, so keep your distance and make sure that you are complying with any orders that you are given.

Privacy Settings

Ensure your telephone has a password, and not only facial recognition or fingerprint, before you begin recording. Also, set your telephone up to save any photographs or recordings to a cloud or Google Drive automatically in the event that your phone gets seized.

Make Clear Videos

Ensure that there is proof in your videos that demonstrates they are genuine. Show the clock to verify the time and date, show the road signs to show your location. Moreover, show the names along with the badge numbers of the police officers to prove their identity, etc.

You can even decide to narrate what’s going on in the video so it’s obvious to your crowd. However, keep your analysis verifiable and unprejudiced.

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