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Best Android Contact Manager App

Are you looking for the best Android Contact Manager app? While some of us don’t go out of their way to install a third-party contact manager app, but a time when you want one. Maybe your contact app is displaying duplicate contacts, or you want additional features such as better search, backup, and caller ID.

On Google Play Store a quick search results in a stack of Contact manager apps. However, searching for the right one for you might take some time. But don’t worry, we did the hard work of checking all the best contact manager apps. Come let’s take a look:

Best Android Contact Manager App

Google Contacts

Google Contacts

If you have a Nexus, Pixel, or Android One phone, it already comes with Google Contacts built in. But if you don’t own these mobile devices, you can still download or install the Google contacts app from the Play Store.

Once you successfully installed, whenever you add a new contact from your mobile, it gets synced automatically to your Gmail address book. Another amazing feature of Google Contacts is Labels. Labels are quite similar to groups which help in the easy discovery of a contact. You can add lots of contacts and assign them a label like club, work, etc and it would suggest all the contacts whenever you search for them.

You can also add several Google accounts on your account and keep the contacts exclusive to an account that is thoughtful as often mix up my contacts work with my personal contacts.

Price: The app is free of cost

Click Here: Google Contacts

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 Android Contact Manager App – Simple Contacts

Google contact app is quite good, but if you don’t use it for privacy purpose, then try Simple Contacts.

Simple contacts is an open source app. If you want to maintain transparency, then the app doesn’t upload your contacts to cloud servers but you can also select to sync them with your Google account. The contacts remain on your ,mobile and if you want you can then generate a VCF file to export contacts out of your mobile.

The settings tab also offers many customization, for instance, you can just customize the text colors, manage contact fields, turn off/ show thumbnails, etc. Also, you can favorite contacts and organize them in groups. It can also include a minimalistic dialer which sits perfectly on hands.

Price: The app is totally free on the play store and it can’t show any irritating ads or ask for permissions. You can, also, upgrade to the pro version for minimum $1 to get additional features like managing events or user emails too.

Cick Here: Simple Contacts

Contacts Optimizer

Contacts Optimizer

While you can erase (or merge) duplicate contact with the latest Contacts section on your browser through Gmail, but directly doing it on mobile is quite easier.

Contacts optimizer can helps you to find duplicates contacts and erase them using its advanced duplication removal technology.

Also, it takes the wheel and automatically does all the hard work. It checks your contacts looks for corrections and offers modifications. You can also select to discard or allow changes which provides the user more control.

The edit toolbar is the best way to resolve your phonebook quickly, just long hit and select an action like edit, copy, and move. Also, it is very powerful Toolbox and provide several operations such as restore, backup, duplicates and merging, accounts processing, and advanced optimization. You can also transform your contacts very easily considering you get lots of professional tools in this app.

The app is totally free on the Play Store and does not dispaly any ads, however, if you needs advanced tools you can buy the pro version for $1.99.

Click Here: Contacts Optimizer

 Android Contact Manager App – Simpler Dialer

Simpler dialer is another contacts app which features an onboard dialer within its interface. The app display you your call history using all the outgoing, incoming, and missed calls. The best thing about this app is its inbuilt caller ID. It can scans the unsaved or unknown numbers using its own database and display a name if it matches. It means your data would be stored using the app’s cloud servers for better usability. Also, you’ll get a one-touch button to add contacts to your mobile in the recent tab.

This app provides three major tools which make this application worthy of this list. Duplicates, backups, and clean up. As it automate the entire process and do the job using a click of a button. If you have duplicates in your contacts list, it can be erased. The cleanup button erases any contacts without a number, no email, or if it is unused for a while.

Price: The app is totally free on the play store.

Click Here: Simpler Dialer


Contacts+ - Best Android Contact Manager App

Contact+ is another very popular contact apps on the play store and for a good purpose. It handles your contacts, calls, and SMS in one application. You can also swipe across various tabs to get call logs information, and text messages.

In addition, the caller ID that you can block spam calls with this application. It detects the potential spammer automatically and then blocks it. Also, it blocks messages and limits the clutter from your mobile. There are lots of amazing features which include fast dialer search, speed dial screen with one touch to call, smart contacts sort Grid/List contacts view, and smart cards.

The app also offers several customization themes and you can select up to 4 themes in the free version. You can also restore up to 500 SMS, 500 contacts, and 500 calls on the free account. Though it has yearly or monthly subscriptions but I don’t think you want it unless you handle more than a thousand contacts on your mobile.

The app is free to install on the Play Store and you can also use it with the free subscription for personal use. The cost of monthly subscription is $ 1.99/mo for professionals.

Click Here: Contacts+

 Android Contact Manager App – Drupe

Drupe also provides some interesting UI among all the contacts apps. The applications floating icon sits on the side of the display screen as 3 vertical dots. If you want to invoke the app, you just swipe right on the translucent triple-dot. Here is a list of your favorite contacts will appear the left side of your mobile screen, using corresponding options like new text, call, email etc on the right side. Alls you need is to drag a contact to the application icon to start a conversation. Also, it provides an option of GIF call which sends GIFs during video calls that is based on context.

The application can also be customized with different themes such as leather, stars, metal but these are locked behind a paywall.

One extra feature is call recorder that records all outgoing or incoming calls and stores it in your mobile. You can also turn off this feature if you want from the settings page. It has some smart reminders which enables you to set contact-based reminders on the application. When the reminder goes off, it provides you a dialog screen with several apps option to contact them.

The application is totally free to use for some part. The only caution though is the irritating ads that sit in the centre of the screen and urges you to  buy the pro version. You can also take a half-yearly or monthly subscription at $11.99 or $4 respectively or you can purchase it for life at $14.99 which in my opinion is understandable. Also, they provides you a 20% discount whenever you bargain. Really, when you hit the cross button to move back to the app it asks you for a reason, click ‘price is too high’ and it offers you a deal at $11.99 for a lifetime subscription.

Click Here: Drupe

App Dialer

App Dialer-Best Android Contact Manager App

App Dialer is not a contacts app but it does something creative nevertheless. This app is a quick search tool to search for apps and contacts on your phone.

This app opens a quick widget right on the screen and searches for the apps as you type. Sure I could use the search bar located on the top in the application drawer but this app is just blazing fast. Also, it can also search for contacts together which the app drawer can’t. All you need to is to first turn on it in the settings page whenever you use this app for the first time. The application is free on the Play store and you can install it here.

Click Here: App Dialer

DW Contacts & Phone & Dialer

DW Contacts is another amazing or open source application and has list of tools to make your contacts optimized. You can also look for contacts by any contact field, write notes and set reminders. The application speaks caller ID whenever you get a call and you can then set a missed call ringtone.

It has an amazing feature of batch messaging with which you can share a text message, MMS, email to many contacts and groups in a single go. Also, you can log notes to your contact log on this application. By default, call filtering is active and it also display you a call statistics at the last of the call.

The instant dial manager on the app works flawlessly and you can save up to 1000 contacts on speed dial, not sure why but its there. Also, you’ll get T9 search on the dialer which is the best considering it limits search time significantly.

Well, the application is totally free there are some restriction on it like limited themes, ads, only one application widget. You can also buy the full version for $10 which provides you a lifetime license to use the app.

Click Here: DW contacts


Google contacts is a reliable or simple contacts app that offers backup or sync using your google account while simple contacts can also offer the same functionality. Well, it is for those who prefer everything open source. Drupe also offers third-party app or gestures integration with swipe gestures that is the best feature in my thinking, while the Contact Optimizer offers tools to streamline your address book.

There are lots of other apps that deserve a mention in this list as well, like EyeCon, that sync your social media to make a detailed contacts list and Ready Contacts and Dialer, that sort your contacts in an efficient way. Let us know which app is your favorite in the comments below.

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