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Different Ways To Fix PUBG Settings Error

PUBG Settings Error

Do you want to fix the PUBG Settings error? Certainly, PUBG players find a problem that keeps resetting their in-game settings. In this article, we will explain to you some simple methods that you can follow to resolve the PUBG Settings Error. For those who play PUBG seriously, definitely they don’t want their gameplay to get affected. Also, resetting everything from the start is a waste of precious time.

Well, as a gamer or a PUBG player, I can’t afford to lose my settings. So I play PUBG Mobile, my settings are constant for a long time. No way I would wish to waste my time remapping everything whenever I sit to play. However, in today’s article, we will discuss PUBG PC. It means if you play the PC variant of the game and face the PUBG Settings error then how can you overcome them.? Let’s check out the article.

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Different Ways To Fix PUBG Settings Error:

Here you’ll learn simple troubleshooting methods along with some technical solutions that you have to implement.

Restart your Device

Let’s start with some primary and simple workaround

  • Restart your PC
  • Launch PUBG
  • Now check the Settings.

If you still face the PUBG Settings error then dive down below!

Set Game User Settings to Read Only

Well, it sounds quite confusing but you should change the status of the Game User Settings option from the game folders. Head over to the drive where you have installed the game.

  • Head  over to the C:\ drive [or any drive in which you have installed PUBG]
  • Then simply open the Users folders.
  • Under that move to the folder which has your username
  • You can then open AppData > Local
  • Move to the folder TslGame
  • View for the folder Saved.
  • Now head over to Config > WindowsNoEditor.
  • Look for the file GameUserSettings
  • Right-tap on it > Tap Properties
  • Erase the checkmark from the tab Read Only

If you still face the PUBG Settings error then dive down below!

Uninstall & Re-install PUBG

Certainly, in-game bugs may also cause the settings to reset on their own. It doesn’t happen with every build that the experts make official for the platform. So, if the above method doesn’t fix anything, you can then try to uninstall and reinstall the app.

Keep in mind that not everyone may be willing to do this. Also, I can’t guarantee that it will fix the issue in a sureshot manner. If you erase and reinstall the same build, the issue will persist. So, you should check the build numbers before installing them. You can also keep this one as the last resort.

If you still face the PUBG Settings error then dive down below!

Reset PUBG Settings Manually

Well, when nothing works, the last thing you should do is to manually reset the settings whenever you play PUBG. Basically, keep in mind or note down your best settings and set them up whenever you start your game. It’s boring but that’s the best solution.

That’s all about it.


Here’s all about the ‘PUBG Settings error’. Well, it looks quite easy and simple, people get confused and miss out on these methods when the PUBG Settings error occurs. So all you need to do is to try out these methods and let us know your thoughts below!

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