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Gain Weight Apps For Android 

Are you looking for the gain weight apps for Android? While there are many weight loss apps available on the Play Store, there are very few applications that are designed to gain weight. Now, I come to know the global obesity epidemic and how people are suffering from the body or weight image issues. But losing weight is not the only problem of this story. There are lots of people who want to gain weight and but not lose it. We are searching for Android apps to gain weight.

There are lots of people going to the gym these days and they are actively looking to gain muscle mass to look meaner or leaner. So, come let’s check some of the best Android applications to gain weight in a healthy way, not by eating junk foods or fizzy drinks.

Let’s start.

Gain Weight Apps For Android 

Weight Gain Diet

Weight Gain Diet

Weight Gain Diet is the simplest or easiest app to gain weight in the list that you will find. The concept is straightforward or easy. The developer or manufacturer has shared lots of diets and tips for those who are underweight and want to gain it. You start with calculating your ideal weight or BMI as per your age, sex, or height.

You will then come to know what being underweight means. There is a list of food items that help you to gain or increase your body weight has been shared in the free model like pasta, peanut butter, oatmeal, corn, and dry fruits. The writer also shared some workouts to gain weight but not all info is correct. These workouts help you to remove excess fat and increase stamina. Running also plays an important role and can burn too many calories.

It’s pro version, for $4.99, and can unlock a daily meal plan for both women or men, home remedies, a non-veg section, and also more food varieties. A good place to start your journey.

Download Or Install Weight Gain Diet: Android

Weight Gain in 30 Days

Weight Gain in 30 Days needs you to motivate the entire process by challenging you to gain weight within 30 days. Also, it is the best way to improve your chances of beating the odds. You start by creating a profile and adding your stats like age, sex, current and target weights, and other supplements.

The app will also create a 30-day meal plan for you within a few seconds but all you need to do is to follow it the T. As you start to move through your daily meal plan, you will mark your days and weeks as completed. You can also note the 30-day plan is split into 2 parts. The first part is the training program and the other is a diet plan. You can also reset progress, check stats, and set reminders.

  • Free of cost
  • Gamification
  • Good UI
  • Shopping list for food
  • Reminders for training or diet
  • None

Install or download Weight Gain in 30 Days: Android

Weight Track Assistant

Weight Track Assistant

Many people have different requirements and all of us get gamify by something else. Weight Track Assistant has been designed with the idea that if you type and record your weight daily, you will get motivated.

Enter your body stats and other information to compute your BMI and know that you are underweight and if yes, by how much. Well, I am underweight and don’t want an app to tell me that but watching that lots of moves higher sure has a physiological effect. I know, there are many other health apps that can also offer BMI but here, you will also learn the percentage of fat, WHR (waist-to-hip) ratio, and much more.

The app is totally free to use but it contains ads that can be erased after paying $4.99 which is too much.

  • BMI
  • Long term targets
  • WHR
  • Detailed View
  • Lack of a diet plan
  • No training schedule

Download Or Install Weight Track Assistant: Android

Fitness Meal Planner

If you are the one who is then there might be a chance that you are not eating enough. Fitness Meal Planner wants to help you after setting up a meal plan that you can follow very easily. Input all the details to compute the BMI. You will then come to know that you are an ectomorph – someone who is underweight or skinny.

The app recommends you that I must have at least 6 meals a day. The best thing is that the app asked me if I am allergic to any food before making my meal plan. The UI then goes from bland to instinctive with 3D effects while scrolling. You can move up and down to check what’s coming up next and how much carbs or protein you will get out of it.

There is very brief program info on how much nutrients you have to consume and what’s your aim. The basic plan starts at $2.99/month and will allow you to edit plans and add your own meals with 25 food item slots.

  • Meal plans
  • Can be customized
  • Program info
  • Reminders
  • Shopping list
  • Subscription

Download or Install Fitness Meal Planner: Android



MyFitnessPal is might be the most popular and proffered used app on the list. You can also use this useful Android app to gain or lose weight, whichever way you want to go. MyFitnessPal is the biggest, accurate food directory in the globe and I have no doubt about it.

Purchasing groceries? Use your barcode scanner to know about the food item. MyFitnessPal shares many important or necessary tips about how to ready food, select what to eat, how to ready meals, and comes with macro or calorie counters.

  • Calorie & macro counters
  • Restaurant logging, Recipes, nutrients
  • Scan Barcode
  • Big community support it
  • None

Download or Install MyFitnessPal: Android

High Protein Foods

Protein is always one of the best or hottest discussion when you are in a gym. Proteins play an important role for building muscle mass that is why all of us should be aiming for. We should gain weight but the best way and stay away from too much fat.

High Protein Foods is very easy or simple Android app to gain weight for those who likes to gain weight in the right way, the healthy way. Also, the app is focused on meals or foods that are high in protein. So the best way to brush up your knowledge on proteins but ideally, you must be aiming for a balanced diet that is rich in protein. Get it?

  • Good for Proteins
  • Lacks information on overall diet plan

Download or Install High Protein Foods: Android

How to Gain Weight

Gain Weight

Nothing unique about this. A free or simple app that contains some images with food items that can increase weight in both women or men. If you want to keep record of what you eat and how you workout yourself, it becomes the best app.

Just know what you want and start. Not everyone has the time to add all the details of what they eat during the day into an application.

  • Free Of Cost
  • List of food to gain weight
  • No BMI, counter, tracker

Download Or Install How to Gain Weight: Android


Lifesum is another amazing app that concentrates on different types of popular diets such as high protein or keto rather than of just non-veg or veg. It comes with a macro calculator, weight tracker, and a vast food diary to help you to know what you want to eat and why. One of the amazing Android apps to gain weight in my suggestion.

There are lots of of recipes on board to help you get begin. The whole weight gain application for Android has been developed to motivate you to use it more. However, the more you use the app you can then track your goal. Lifesum concentrates on tracking food intake.

The free plan of Lifesum is limited in food recipes. Also, it’s pro version starts at $16.99/year.


  • Best UI
  • Habit builder
  • Calorie, macro tracker
  • Varied plans


  • None

Download Or Install Lifesum: Android


There are many Android apps that can be used to gain weight and depending on your requirements or goals, you can choose one or more of these. If you want to be on the safe side, I would recommend you go with Lifesum or MyFitnessPal. Both these apps have a very huge community support, integrate with lots of other services, and offer best value even in the free plan with lots of calculators and a huge library of food items.

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