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The Best Apple Watch Heart Rate App For You

A really convenient feature of many smartwatches is their heart rate monitor. You guys may want to check your heart rate regularly for a lot of reasons. From improving your athletic performance to managing your stress levels and also to track your heart health. It’s necessary to note that watch-style heart rate monitors are not medical devices and may not always be accurate as well. Especially during exercise or if they don’t fit well as well. In this article, we are going to talk about The Best Apple Watch Heart Rate App For You. Let’s begin!

Your Apple Watch basically gathers a lot of useful data about you in a single day, your heart rate being one of them. Apple Watch has a heart rate sensor and also a built-in heart rate monitor that automatically sends data to the Health apps on your iPhone actually. And when it works for most folks, the Health App on your iPhone is really basic. In order to make most of your Apple Watch, we recommend downloading a third-party heart rate monitor from the App Store. Here we have some of them which we tested and analyzed for you according to different daily needs and schedules. Let’s have a look at them.

The Best Apple Watch Heart Rate App For You

Heart Analyzer

Well, unfortunately, the Apple Watch’s display is rather limited compared to the phone, however, the Watch component isn’t quite as pretty as the new iPhone app. But it’s still very effective and makes good use of the available space as well.

On your wrist, Heart Analyzer v8 basically comes along with improved, customizable complications for the Infographics faces. So that you guys can have your heart rate chart right there in front of you. The Watch app also offers live heart rate monitoring and trend charts too, weekly metrics, and workout views. And it can also record calories burned and distance traveled too. As you’d expect, it also integrates well along with Apple Health.

apple watch heart rate

Things are even more impressive on the iPhone, where you guys can view personalized metrics such as day or night resting heart rates, average heart rates, and also historical data going back years. The new interface also makes each and everything much clearer and achieves the tricky balance of providing you lots and lots of data without being overwhelming.

Download Heart Analyzer for iOS (free, $6)

HeartWatch Heart & Activity

HeartWatch app is a really simple but intuitive heart rate monitoring app. That basically allows you to view your heart rate in four different manners. It also records your heart rate separately whenever you guys walk, workout, sleep, and also while you sit idle. The application needs an iPhone that has a health app installed, additionally, you can also import health data from any other compatible device.

The app interface is simple and it provides you a speedometer-style look. The application also has a badge feature too. A full blue badge is an ideal one and also the ring around the badge reflects the amount of time spent along with a high heart rate. These badges prove to be good whenever you want to see the status of your heart rate monitor just at a glance.

HeartWatch Heart & Activity

However, this might appear unnecessary, some folks might find it really helpful. Keep in mind the current level of heart-related medical issues around the globe. If your heartbeat is racing up whenever you are sitting idle and not doing any physical activity. Then you may actually note the current rate and then consult a doctor.


The application also provides a watch face complication that is used along with most Apple Watch faces. A simple click on the complication can let you know the current heart rate or even a summary for the whole day actually. Plus, the app allows you in order to navigate through a 12-week long data recorded through your Apple Watch. Wherein you can check the ups and downs and analyze the heart rate conditions for yourself as well.

If your heart rate increase or decrease to a certain level, then the app will automatically send you a notification. Wherein you guys can put a base bpm value and a daily reminder in order to check your data records for the past 24 hours.

Download HeartWatch.Heart & Activity ($2.99)

FITIV Pulse Heart Rate Monitor

FITIV Pulse Heart Rate Monitor is actually one of the best in the market of smart-watch heart rate monitor applications. That also happens to be a complete fitness tracking and also training application as well. The application’s dashboard on Apple Watch shows your heart rate in a lot of customizable screen options.

The multiple visual feedbacks of your heart rate are basically meant to help you train better and efficiently. FITIV provides you a clear and comparable picture of your heart rate data. It will also tell you about the level of your heart rate currently and also throughout the day as well. With just a glance at the screen, you guys can see how long was your heart rate at healthy levels.

apple watch heart rate

Apart from an intuitive interface and descriptive and pretty easy representation of data, FITIV Pulse Heart Rate Monitor basically comes in handy for those who have used it before on another platform or device. The app is cross-platform and also supports other Android devices as well. However, if you have recently switched to the Apple eco-system and want your same heart rate monitor back. It’ll provide you an easy data migration so you’ll not have to start from scratch.

Apart from the easiness, the app also permits you to create groups and participate in fitness challenges with other folks. This might sound just the same as the Nike Run Club application for Apple Watch. The Application also offers an Apple Watch face complication that’ll basically save you the browsing whenever launching the app. You guys will be able to see the current status and many other reports right on your Apple Watch screen.

Download FITIV Pulse for iOS(free, $2/Month & $10/Year for pro)

Zones for Training

Well, unlike the default Health and Activity apps on Apple Watch, Zones for Training can track up to 70 fitness activities. It measures your workouts on your watch and reviews them on the bigger screen of your paired iPhone. The app can also monitor real-time exercise intensity and also heart rate during your fitness sessions as well.

Also, the app is primarily divided into four heart rate zones viz. Peak, Cardio, Fat Burn, and Warm-Up. Using this app on your Apple Watch, you guys can surely improve your performance, speed, cardio endurance, etc.

apple watch heart rate


The application also lets you monitor real-time heart rate readings in different conditions, however, also records it on your iPhone. What’s good here is that Zones for Training is a standalone app actually. It doesn’t need you to carry your iPhone when you are training. The data sync will also happen automatically through iCloud.

Zones for Training offers some of the additional features just like a tap on the wrist. Whenever your heart rate zone changes, automatic pause or resume while running and calculation of recovery heart rate as well.

Price: Free (Pro – $4.99)

Download – Zones for Training

Cardiogram for Apple Watch

Keep your eyes on your heart’s everyday activities through using a Cardiogram on your Apple Watch. The app provides a visual presentation of your heart rate along with interactive graphs. You can instantly spot any anomalies and trends. You can check the heart rate graph in real-time on your wrist.

As you guys see any change in trends, then you can take note of it and also jot down the symptoms or potential triggers of the change as well. Cardiogram also combines the capabilities of Health and Activity apps on your iPhone and also Apple Watch respectively as well.

Price: Free of cost (In-app purchase starts from $3.99)

Download – Cardiogram for Apple Watch

Heart Graph

Heart Graph, just like the name suggests, provides you a graphical representation of your heart rate response at many levels. You can also view separate graphs for workouts, history, or even your heart rate response at different points of time in a day actually.

When monitoring your heart rate for health reasons or training reasons. These graphical representations save your time on the calculation part. Just like you can always see your heart rate in a consolidated manner for each and every workout or any other activity you do.

You can get a real-time graph of your heart rate on your iPhone. The app also supports Bluetooth sensors and Apple Watch as well. You guys can also review your workout sessions offline in order to check trends in data. An important feature is integration along with the Apple Health app. This permits you to import your current workout data and store new sessions as well.

Landscape orientation permits you to watch your data on the bigger screens of the iPhone and iPod touch. You can make a single payment and enjoy the premium features of the app.

Price: Absolutely Free (In-app purchases starts from $0.99)

Download – Heart Graph


Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you guys like this article and also find it helpful to you. Give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries and issues related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

Have a Great Day!

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