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The Best Bluetooth Games For Android and iOS

The android basically has a ton of single-player games. As good as single-player games are, multiplayer games provide you much better experience and overall enjoyment as well. Especially whenever you guys are playing with or against your friends. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the best Bluetooth multiplayer games for Android.

The Best Bluetooth Games For Android and iOS


A really simple game along with a concept just the same as Atari breakout, however, is upgraded along with different modes. You and your friend will have to sit in the front-facing each other and then send the ball (bullet as the game says) from one screen to the other as well. You guys will either have to save your base bar from the bullets that is sent from your friend’s phone or deflecting the ball.

bluetooth games

Just like the name implies, Dual is a classic standoff game where you guys shoot and dodge each other. When you play the game, you actually shoot from one screen to the other. Well, depending on the game mode, you guys can either duel, defend or deflect the other player actually.

Price: The game is free however, some levels are locked for free users. You can unlock the full game along with a $2 in-app purchase.

 WarlingsBluetooth games

A crazy game along with a pure display of firepower where you guys blast your opponents along with some sick weapons. That includes lasers, missiles, chainsaws, machine guns, and much more. You also get to create a fully customizable set of troops that you guys can use to fight against your opponent over Bluetooth actually. I really loved how they actually combined the cute with utter destruction factor.

bluetooth games

Warlings is basically a turn-based shooting game that provides you along with six different battlefields, multiple areas. Such as the sea, air, space, etc., and fully destructible terrain. In the game, you can also use guns and tactics in order to win over your enemy. If you like shooting games that also force you to use tactics then Warlings is for definitely you.

Price: The base game is free and contains ads as well.

Virtual Table Tennis

If you guys are a fan of table tennis, then you will surely love this 3D physics-based virtual table tennis game. It also offers visual controls in order to adjust your smashes and do some crazy tricks to outsmart your opponent actually. Although it is mostly about winning the tournament, you guys can also play it along with your friends over Bluetooth or local WiFi.

bluetooth games

Virtual Table Tennis has also multiple modes just like tournament mode, practice mode, arcade mode, etc. When using headphones, the game then simulates the 3D sound system.

Price: The base app is absolutely free and contains ads. Some of its features and bats are can be unlocked with in-app purchases.

 Ludo Classic | Bluetooth games

As you guys can tell from the name itself, this a classic Ludo game with all the classic rules and colors as well. The game uses a dedicated physics engine in order to roll the dice and the app supports more than four players. The good thing about Ludo Classic is that relying on where you live and also how you have played the real Ludo game. You can select between a multitude of variations to match those particular rules.

bluetooth games

Price: The game is free of cost and contains ads.

Chess Via Bluetooth

If you are like me and love to play chess along with friends then Chess through Bluetooth is for you. Chess Via Bluetooth is actually a classic chess game that you can play with either your friends through Bluetooth or with a bot. Though the game looks really basic, you will have options in order to customize different settings like the layout, chess figures, hints, etc.

bluetooth games

Chess Via Bluetooth permits you to play a chess game between two players (human vs. human) via Bluetooth or in one device as well. In addition to the basic functionality, the user can also make further adjustments to the app. Such as the color of the figures, the layout of the chessboard, if to rotate the chessboard, and whether the player will have help during the game actually.

Price: Free.

Carrom 3D | bluetooth games

Carrom is actually one of the retro games we used to play as a kid and this is the virtual copy of it as well. The game basically uses accurate physics to offer the best gaming experience of a real carrom board actually. Although it uses a pull and leaves mechanism rather than striking with the finger-like in the real carrom board as well.

You can also play the game against a computer along with different difficulty levels. Or you can connect along with your friend over Bluetooth or WiFi in order to play in real-time.

bluetooth games

Carrom 3D is actually your regular good old carroms game. Just like all other games, you can either play with your friends through Bluetooth or with the computer as well. When playing with the computer, you can also select between three different levels called beginner, intermediate, or expert.

Price: The game is absolutely free and contains ads.

Word Search

The Word Search is your traditional find the words puzzle game. The game basically offers multiple modes such as phrases, numbers, gems search, words, images, and questions as well. If you guys want to, then you can even have custom word puzzles just for you. Although you can play the game just by yourself, it is much more interesting and enjoyable when playing with your friends actually.

bluetooth games

Price: The base app is free and it contains ads too. You can remove ads along with a $1.5 in-app purchase.

Sea Battle 2 | Bluetooth games

It’s basically the typical battleship game that we loved for decades. That has beefed up along with tons of new tools and a user base of more than 10 million people. The game’s notepad style graphics along with fun animations really attracted me actually and invoked the old paper game in a really unique way.

You can also use mines, radars, plane attacks, and many other tools in order to create your strategy and then sink your opponent’s ships as well. You can play along with your friend over Bluetooth or also even on the same phone using turns as well. Most of all, the way the game looks is really good actually.

bluetooth games

Price: The app is completely free and contains ads as well. If you guys want to, you can then unlock additional themes for ships and board through in-app purchases.

Slot Racing

If you guys have ever played with slot cars, the Slot Racing game will be really familiar to you. The game’s control mechanics are really simple. All you have to do is swipe your finger up and down in order to accelerate or brake and then win the race. The game contains a lot of slot cars and tracks such as Grand-Prix, loops, four lanes, etc. You guys can also create your own tracks too.

Slot Racing

Price: The game is free of cost and contains ads. Some of the tracks are locked and can be unlocked with in-app purchases.

BombSquad | Bluetooth games

Just like the name suggests, in BombSquad you guys will use different types of bombs to bombard your opponents to oblivion actually. There are also fun characters such as ninjas, pirates, robots, and also crazy barbarians that you can unlock. And there are amazing maps along with their own perks that can advantage you or get you blasted.


You can also connect over Bluetooth or local wifi to go really crazy along with your friends. I am sure you will really like the game’s smooth controls, and fun ways in order to attack and defend. The best part is that more than 8 friends can play the game at the same time for some insane bombing actually.

Price: The game is free and it also contains ads. You can unlock many characters, mini-games, maps, icons, etc., along with in-app purchases.

Farming Simulator 14

Farming Simulator is basically a game that lets you progress in your agricultural profession or career. Along with authentic and real-world farming machines and tools as well. You can plant many plants, feed cows, create hay bales, also sell them in a market, hire assistants for your work as well. When playing with friends, you can also roam in the free open world.

Farming Simulator 14

Price: The game is absolutely free, and there are no ads. The game’s in-game currency is used to purchase in-game machines and equipment as well. You can earn in-game currency through playing the game or with in-app purchases.

Dual Space Battle | Bluetooth games

Dual Space Battle basically lets you play and enjoy the awesome space battles with a variety of spaceships. That has different powers and attributes actually. In multiplayer mode, you guys can play with more than eight players at any given time.

Price: The app is completely free and contains ads as well.

Mighty Fighter 2

Insane is the only word that I can say for this game. There is not much to say about graphics, however, the gameplay is hilarious. It is basically a parody of famous characters, for example, Spiderman, Mario, or Vegeta, where they brawl along with amazing powers and super moves.

You can also play with your friend over Bluetooth in a 1 vs. 1 battle or in complete chaos of dozens of characters fighting on the same battlefield actually.

Respawnables | Bluetooth games

Well, another FPS in this list, Respawnables basically comes with a unique touch of humor and fun (and manly) characters. It is a really fast-paced game with short matches that bring utter destruction on the battlefield actually. There are dozens of items and weapons to select from and you can also customize the look of both the characters and the weapons.


Just like the name suggests, you instantly respawn after death and it is all about who kills the most. You will never get bored when playing this fast-paced game actually.

Virtua Tennis

Another virtual tennis game on the list, Virtua Tennis that offers physics-based controls along with an extensive set of gestures in order to make that amazing shot. There are more than 50 characters to unlock who have their own strengths and weaknesses as well. And you can play single or doubles match on different surfaces, such as clay, grass, or an indoor court as well.

You can also challenge your friends over Bluetooth and beat them through using your own customized character.


Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you guys like this Bluetooth games” article and also find it helpful to you. Give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries and issues related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

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